Clothes Closet closed by city

 The Clothes Closet has been closed by the city of Brandenburg, citing “violation of both the local fire code, as well as violation of City Ordinance.” However, a post to the Facebook page for the business insists it is temporary.

 “The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown of our economy has taken a toll across our communities, and unfortunately, we are no exception,” the post says. “In addition to being a thrift store open to the public, we are a nonprofit ministry that provides food boxes, free clothing, utility/rent assistance, vet assistance (through PINS) and other emergency services to families in need in Meade County. To accomplish this mandate, we depend primarily on volunteers and donations. Due to the shutdown, all our volunteer programs were likewise shut down. As a result, we are busting at the seams with unprocessed donations (treasures)!!”

 The business says that this temporary closure will allow them the opportunity to properly process their backlog of donations, get both stores open, and provide a safer shopping experience.

 In addition to thanking the community for their ongoing support, the post apologized to the families that depend on the services from the Clothes Closet.

 “In these already trying times, we know our temporary closure impacts you the most. We are working diligently to re-open quickly and safely.”

 The Meade County Messenger will be publishing a future article exploring the closure in depth.

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