Come on man...

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

Small/independent businesses are hurting now as much as if not more so, having a hard time keeping their doors open and hiring staff. They cannot buy products at wholesale prices because they are not part of a conglomerate that buys by the millions. If they could get products, they can’t compete with a government that pays these people more to stay at home than small businesses can pay in salary and/or bonuses!

The generation that grew up under the philosophy that said “everyone gets a trophy” have grown up to believe that they should still be getting the same equal dissemination of wealth. Winners that put in hours of practice to hone their skills and players that were raised under socialist ideologies are all winners and should all get the same award so no one gets their feelings hurt.

Ignorance is a dangerous disease only cured by willful education. Stupidity is terminal because it is easier to do nothing and let others do the work.

It is the stupid and lazy that prefer to latch on to the teat of socialism.

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