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Community steps up for local mother recovering from terrible car wreck

By Chad Hobbs

For many in Meade County, Aug. 1 was just a typical Saturday. Traveling on Joe Prather Highway, between Flaherty and Hog Wallow, Tiffany Gibbs’ day had begun much the same. That would all quickly change, when she was involved in a head-on collision on the way to her cousin’s house for a birthday party.

She and an individual in the other vehicle were flown via stat flight to the University of Louisville Hospital. Gibbs suffered eleven broken bones from her clavicle down to both femurs along with a lacerated spleen, liver and a tear in her aorta.

“Yeah, they didn’t give us any information or anything. They just came out and said we need dad and brother, and they took us in this little room,” said Harold Cheek, Jr., Gibbs’ brother. “She was laying in the bed and there were nurses and the chaplain. They said we were going to say a quick prayer, we did that, and they said alright you all have to go. And that was it; no more information.”

“They said they don’t usually do that, but you know, she was in bad, bad shape,” added Harold Cheek, Sr., Gibbs’s father.

Over the next 21 days, Gibbs would undergo six surgeries to repair her fractured body. She would also be separated from her son and daughter for three long weeks. Due to the pandemic, visitors and visiting hours have been drastically reduced at hospitals. Gibbs’ mother, Cindy Cheek, would make the drive every morning and stay till visiting hours ended at 7 p.m. while Harold Sr. watched the grandch