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Things you learn from friends, part 2

By Gerry Fischer

 Tom and Rosemary were very good friends of ours. We actually relocated from Florida to Arizona where Tom and I could once again work-together. He was the director of construction, and I was the west district construction manager. I resigned from the Circle-K Corporation, that filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as soon as I could, collecting the bankruptcy employee-retention plan bonus, that kept the company operating.

 Tom had left Circle-K before me, and had taken a position with Northern Automotive who had two chains of after-market auto parts stores, Checkers and Northern Automotive. They were similar to Auto Zone, but centered out west. These stores were larger than convenience stores, but that didn’t scare me, because they all go together one stick at a time. Fran stayed in Tampa and sold the house, while I moved to an apartment the company rented for relocating employees. I went straight back into the work I knew.