Council approves wastewater treatment agreement

Seth Dukes:

Newsroom Coordinator


 The Brandenburg City Council met this month to discuss an inter local agreement with the county as well as several other agenda items.

 Prior to the Council’s business on the agenda, Rachel Mangin, President of the Meade County Arts Council, spoke to the City Council to ask for financial support for the 2020 Riverfront Concert Series.

“We are a non-profit,” said Mangin. “These [events] are made free and made available only through donations to our group.”

 The Council voted unanimously to provide $1,500 in funding. Mangin said this would cover the band cost for one concert. She also said that the organization seeks other funding and fundraises at the end of each concert to collect funds.

 The Council also voted to approve the sale of land at the riverport for $7,500 per acre. This is the site where Nucor will locate. Industrial Authority Chairman David Pace explained the need for the action to the council. He said that there was a joint agreement between the Industrial Authority, City Council and Fiscal Court that the property would not be sold for less than $17,000 per acre. He explained that, though the property has always been in the IA’s name, the County was the debtholder. This agreement was put into place to ensure that the IA couldn’t sell the property and leave the county still holding debt on the property.

“There was no debt ever to the city,” said Pace. “The property has always been in the Industrial Authority’s name so that we could sell the property; city and county can’t do a direct sale. But, the debt was in the county’s name.”

The Council voted unanimously to approve the agenda item.

The Council then discussed the inter local agreement between the city and the county regarding the new wastewater treatment plant. In this agreement, the Meade County Fiscal Court will pay 50 percent of the cost of a new sewer plant in order to facilitate the Nucor project. The new sewer plant will have the capacity to treat 500,000 gallons per day. This represents a 60 percent increase over the current plant’s 300,000 per day capacity, and will allow the city to meet the needs of future growth and development, according to documents provided by the City Council.

The new sewer plant will be constructed on approximately four to five acres currently owned by the City of Brandenburg, adjacent to the existing sewer plant. The city will retain the title and a legal easement to the property on which the new sewer plant is built. Additionally, the city will continue to be responsible for its operation and maintenance. The city will convey title to the old sewer plant and the remainder of the land owned to the Industrial Authority.

The council voted unanimously to approve the agreement.

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