Council hears first reading of 2021-2022 budget


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The Brandenburg City Council held a special-called meeting on May 19, wherein they discussed the proposed 2021-2022 budget for the city.

In his budget message, Mayor Ronnie Joyner said that his goals for the city were as follows: “To provide consumers with reliable and professional service that they have come to know and trust; to continue to make Brandenburg one of strong community spirit, where we can all be proud to work, sleep, and play; to enhance the current infrastructure that exists while preparing for the growth that we all work to have in the future.”

The proposed budget contains total appropriations of $3,149,525.

The proposed budget includes a benefit for the Brandenburg Police Department that will change their current retirement from non-hazardous to hazardous CERS retirement, which city leaders are hopeful will help recruit and maintain police officers.

Additionally, allocations have been made in the proposed budget to upgrade the water plant operating system. Along with other water-related projects, an account for radio-read meters has been established with a total allotment of $40,000 to purchase the next round of radio-read meters.

City employees would also see a salary increase of $1 per hour in the proposed budget.

Remaining CARES Act funds, totaling $95,500, are budgeted for the completion of a new “Welcome to Brandenburg” sign and new restrooms and a shower house in Riverfront Park.

“With Nucor building a plant in our county, the ultimate goal is for the City of Brandenburg to keep up with economical changes in our community,” Joyner said in his budget message. “Once the Main Street Sidewalk grants are completed, the City will have made a positive impact on our downtown and riverfront area. In an effort to keep that momentum, and plan for the future, the City will continue to make changes and adjustments for growth, including possible annexation and additional taxation, as well as meet any needs for new infrastructure.”

The second reading of the 2021-2022 budget will be held at the Council’s regular meeting on June 14.

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