Council votes to financially contribute to History Museum


Newsroom Coordinator

The Brandenburg City Council met on Monday for their March meeting.

The Council began by approving a business license for Main Street Creamery, a custard shop that will be located at 134 Main Street, Suite A0.

David Pace updated the Council on the Gerry Lynn Memorial Park at Buttermilk Falls. He said they are still actively seeking donations, and donations can be made individually or by a group. He said they plan to purchase four picnic tables, six benches and trash receptacles for the area. Pace said that their goal for the dedication of the area is May 20, and more information will come.

The Council also voted to provide funding to the Meade County History Museum to the tune of $400 a month. Council members also requested that year-end financials be obtained from the History Museum so that they could see how monies were being spent.

An exchange that ultimately resulted in the meeting being abruptly adjourned then occurred between Council Member Michael Kelly and Mayor Ronnie Joyner. Kelly brought up an email sent to all council members and the city attorney for discussion.

“Wait a minute, Michael,” said Joyner. “Where’s the missing money? We do not operate on rumors. We operate on facts, and Rena has a mystery writer who she remains…”

Kelly tried to speak at this time, but the mayor interrupted him.

“No. You listen to me. You listen to me,” said Joyner as he pointed his finger at Kelly.

“That’s not how this works,” said Kelly. “You don’t point fingers at me and tell me to listen, Ronnie. You’ve granted me time to speak…”

The mayor then called for a motion to adjourn, which was seconded and approved.

In late 2018 Mayor Ronnie Joyner became aware that some personal property, including cash, was missing from his office at City Hall. Mayor Joyner reported this to law enforcement and an investigation is ongoing by Kentucky State Police. The reported incident does not involve any City funds. There is no criminal investigation into Mayor Joyner. The City of Brandenburg has a personnel policy which applies only to employees; this does not include elected officials. Due to the ongoing investigation, no further comment can be made.

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