COVID-19 restrictions take us back to a classic fair


 The 2020 Meade County Fair, scheduled for July 19 through July 22, will be drastically different this year due to COVID-19.

 Since April, the Fair Board has been meeting and exploring available options. Ultimately, they decided that having a limited fair was better than having no fair at all, and safer than having a full fair.

 Outside of the animal shows and auction, which have strict regulations, the only event that will take place is the children’s battery-powered vehicle pull, which will be held in the main arena.

 Meade County Fair Manager David Pace said that he and the board worked very hard to do what they felt was right in order to ensure the safety of visitors.

 “We’re doing the best that we know how,” said Pace. “We want to have a good, decent fair, and a healthy fair. …This was not a knee-jerk reaction. This was a lot of time and effort, and I applaud my Board.”

 There will be no admission fee to the fair, however, $5 per car will be charged for parking. Pace says that this will help offset the water and electric fees incurred. He says they’re still working on decisions regarding food booths. There will be no parade, and there will be no carnival.

 Pace said that the board felt it was important to offer the youth a chance to show the animals they’ve been working with for a significant amount of time.

 “Our fair roots are in agriculture,” said Pace. “[Youth] have been raising these animals with the hope of a fair, with the hope of being able to show here and go on to the state fair. We just thought it was our duty to help those students that have worked hard to do their programs. Those are not easy tasks. This will help those children recoup some of their funds.”

Pace says they will also put measures in place to ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed. Masks will not be required, but may be worn. Bathrooms and high-touch areas will be sanitized regularly. He says that all of the plans they have right now are tentative and could change if guidance from the Governor’s office changes. A full schedule will be published at a later date once details are finalized.

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