COVID: What we have here is a failure to communicate


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Much like my musical preferences, when it comes to my friends, I enjoy floating in an ocean when it comes to diversity of thought. This is the only way we grow. This is the only way we become enlightened. Otherwise, we become boring, close minded echo chambers incapable of rational thought, who never venture deeper in the menu of life than McDonalds chicken nuggets. This is why I get accused of being a left wing nut by the far right and a right wing nut by the far left.

 Still, even in this polarized world we live in, there are level headed individuals that enjoy my unique ability to write something they totally agree with one week, only to write something they totally disagree with the following week. Just when you think I’m biased, I turn it all upside down. This past week, I sat down with a man I have great respect for but don’t usually see eye to eye with on politics. It turns out you can have wonderfully delightful conversations with such people when you are open minded and detest the idea of having everyone think like yourself.

 Once the conversation turned to COVID, he asked “Chad, only like 40 percent of Meade County has been vaccinated, why won’t they take the damn shot? They’ll take horse dewormer, but they won’t take the shot.”

 My answer that night still stands true, but I’ll go into a little more depth for this article. It is partially because the same tribe that is promoting the shot and shaming anyone that doesn’t adhere to their rhetoric, is also the same tribe that denounced the vaccine just last year.

 I say tribe because that is what our political parties have reduced us to—tribe A and tribe B. There is no longer any compassion. There is no longer any understanding. There is no longer any working together. There is no longer any compromise; even in the home state of the Great Compromiser. There is only a ridiculous regression into whether you are either tribe A or tribe B. A donkey or an elephant is all that matters.

 So, what we have here is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week (and month, and year), which is the way he wants it…well, he gets it.

 Yes, I stole that last paragraph from ‘Cool Hand Luke’, just like Guns N Roses did, but it should be worth mentioning that Guns N Roses used the quote for a song called ‘Civil War.’ And let us be honest, that is where our government wants us to be—at each other’s throats instead of their own.

 Just last fall, Joe Biden said, “If and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests and trials that are needed to be done. When we finally do, God willing, get a vaccine, who’s going to take the shot?”

 Joe Biden also said, “If the President announced tomorrow, we have a vaccine, would you take it?”

 Kamala Harris said, “If Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I’m not taking it.”

 I could write another page of all the delusional comments that Democrat leaders and left-leaning talking heads made just a couple months before the COVID vaccine rolled out at the end of last year.

 Then, however, something life changing happened for all the detractors. After refusing everything about Donald Trump’s vaccine last year, Trump lost the election, and the very month that Joe Biden was sworn into office, the narrative changed. The very vaccine that every Democrat leader and national media correspondent denounced as poison because it was developed under the Trump administration, suddenly became the magic elixir of life since its main rollout happened weeks after Biden took office. The hypocrites totally changed their tune for what they hoped to be a strong political win. If Trump won it was poison, but since Biden won it was now the holy grail.

 In today’s never-ending 24 hour news cycle, both parties have figured out that, as long as they keep some new fire burning today, the American populace will quickly forget about the fires of yesterday. Let us not forget who the real culprits of this whole vaccine debacle are.

 The same people who now preach and mandate the American public about their ignorance in failing to follow their narrative (legacy media and the DNC) are the same people who just preached to us last fall that the vaccine was Trump poison that would surely kill us all. So the real question in regards to this pandemic is how much blood is on the mainstream media and the DNC’s hands for peddling lies just for a political win last November?

In the age of communication, what we have here is a failure to communicate -- honestly, compassionately and effectively. Instead, we turn our nose to the other side and demand their capitulation, regardless of which side of the debate one stands. Let us not forget the motto of our great commonwealth -- united we stand, divided we fall.

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