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Coward Conrad from Crawford County

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 I want to start by saying, I can appreciate the calls for my “unmasking”.

 Someone, that you don’t know, is bringing questionable actions and dealings to light—how dare he?

Why, and what, can I possibly hope to accomplish with my Op-Ed column? What is in it for me? Am I breaking any laws?

 There are a number of reasons for my using a pen name or pseudonym, the most important ones are for privacy and protection. Family and friends should not have to bear the brunt of condemnation or the ridicule that naturally occurs when an individual decides to ask the tough questions or bring light to a subject or action that opposes or exposes questionable actions and decisions.

 When public officials use public dollars to fund progressive projects, where is the problem? (that’s a lot of “P’s”)

 When public officials and “wanna bes” meet in private and make decisions on how to manipulate the process and people, this “coward” will expose the activities and take the heat from these officials. My family or friends should not have to be bullied because of my decision to expose irregularities and deceptions.

 An “Opinion Editorial” is just what it says it is: an opinion!

In today’s society, having an opinion that differs from others and especially those of our elected and appointed officials.

 It can bring an all out blitzkrieg that would be unfair to the innocent that I hold near and dear.

 The purpose of my op-ed’s are to simply ask you, the reader, “are you aware and do you care?” I am not asking or insisting that you agree with my opinion, nor do I have to justify or defend it.

 We have become a society that says “if I don’t agree with your opinion, I am wrong and must be destroyed”. Don’t believe me? Ask the photographers, ask the bakery owners, ask the preachers, ask the teachers... many of these people had businesses and professions that have been forced to close their doors, or move out of state, because their opinions were judged to be wrong.

 So, call me a coward, ask me to change my name, ask me to stop... ask me anything you want... I have an opinion that some wants silenced... but, I have an opinion that many of your family, friends and neighbors agree with, but fear the reprisal that comes from voicing it.

 No one wants to be called names, I certainly do not, but I will not stop for fear of reprisal.

 I will continue to be the voice for those that admittedly are “afraid to say anything”...

 So, today like every other day, I will get up and begin my day with prayer...