Crews search Ohio River near Brandenburg for two missing people


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A boat accident in the Ohio River on Saturday night has left at least one person dead, two people missing, and multiple people injured. Crews searched for the two missing individuals, a man and a woman, near Brandenburg on Sunday after debris from the accident allegedly was found near the bridge from Brandenburg to Indiana.

News outlets have reported that the boat capsized after it apparently struck a barge near the Greenwood Boat Docks in southwest Jefferson County, but investigators have not released information on how the crash occurred. There were seven people on the boat when it capsized.

On Sunday, Chief Doug Recktenwald with Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department gave an update to the press stating that they were transitioning from a rescue mission to a recovery mission. He went on to state that they don’t believe there is a chance they will find the boaters alive. Crews believe the individuals are either in the water or at water’s edge.

None of the individuals that were on the boat have been identified at this time.

Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department has backed out as the lead agency on this case, and it has switched over to being under that authority of Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and the United States Coast Guard. However, Chief Recktenwald did state that the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department would continue to cooperate to help in any way they could.

As of Tuesday morning, the two bodies have not been found. If anyone in the Meade County area notices something abnormal on the Ohio River, they should contact the local authorities immediately.

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