Deeds & Marriage Licenses


05/06: Carrie A. Stalcup to Christopher Asher, Lot 17 Circle View Farms, $7,500.

Craig S. (Janet) Osterhoudt to Raul (Live) Medrano, Lot 71 Doe Valley Greens, $315,000.

Kerry B. Talley to Megan L. Talley, Lots 25, 26, 27 The Woods, $155,000.

G&D Construction to Jeremiah (Jessica) James, Lot 44B Otter Ridge Estates, $200,000.

Maria S. Tinnnell to Nancye Lynn, Lot 47 Doe Valley Park Estates, $100,000.

Michael (Shawnie R.) Hurst to James (Kayla L.) Bradshaw, Lot 797 Wildflower Ridge, $305,000. Shelley D. Wilson to Anthony C. Brown, Jr., Lot 1 Hughes Place, 1.66 acres, $185,000.

James W. (Tammy A.) Carpenter to. Henry A. (Anna) Vasquez, Lot 135 Doe Valley Park Estates, $355,000.

Michael S. (Julie) Martin to Ben McIntosh, Unit 508 Piping Rock Condominiums, $137,000.

Frederick J. (Phyllis A.) Cundiff to Llody A. (Kaitlyn) Calicott, Lot 13 Oakwood Dr., Brandenburg, $245,000.

Robert L. Wagner to Joshua M. (Tracy M.) Gray, HWY 1238, 6 acres, $329,900.

05/09: Wilma F. Beasley, Franklin W. (Sarah J.) Beasley and Shannon L. Beasley to Crystal L. Simota, Burnett-Hatmaker Rd., $27,500.

05/10: Kenneth Heaven to Ricky. A. (Jennifer M.) Marshall, Lots 6 & 7 Valley View Estates, 2.0162 acres, $10,000.

Daniel E. (Kathleen F.) Michaels to Joseph A. Byrnes, Lot 248 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, 0.429 acres, $289,900.

Thomas (Crystal) Tate to Pike Rental Properties, HWY 261, 1.977 acres, $150,000. 

Jeremy S. (Shannon J.) Vessels and Mary D. Barger to Jeremy S. (Shannon J.) Vessels, Lot 2 Plat of Michael E. (Mary D.) Barger, conveyance between parent and child.

Kentucky Land Holdings to Frank E. (Brenda K.) Perkins, Lots 7 & 8 Millstead Subdivision, $39,900.

W. Douglas (Donna K.) Reed and William C. McGehee to William B. (Carol A.) Miles, Jr., Lot 9 Walker Farm, $105,000.

Eva M Izynski, Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Meade and Mid South Capital Partners to Richard L. Williams, Big Bend Rd., Battletown, 5.5 acres, $13,500.

Russell (Emily) Matthews to Sturgeon & Matthews Construction, Lot 106 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $7,500.

Carl Corvin to Charlie (Dedra) White, Phillips Lane, 0.9672 acres, $65,000. Robert L. (Andrea T.) Reeder, Jr. to Shawn (Samantha) Stewart, Lot 2A Robert Reeder Plat, $269,000.

05/11: Randall C. Sweat, Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Meade and Mid South Capital Partners to Patrick J. Faust, Lot 40 Primrose estate, $6,100.

Pedro J. Garced Cartagena and Amanda Lee Garced to Danny (Jennifer) Rhodes and Jalen (Kristin) Hardcastle, Pack Lane 1.043 acres, $95,000.

05/12: Travis M. (Shelby L.) Hardcastle to Home Team Holdings, Lot 833 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $159,900.

Amanda L. Umbel to Stacie Bolton and Trent Decker, Lot 136 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $390,000.

Anthony J. (Anna M.) Mikesell to Patrick Hill, Lot 3 Forest Ridge Estates, $175,000.

Patrick T. Bevill anad Kathy D. Anderson and William R. (Angelia Y.) Bevill to W. Douglas (Donna K.) Reed and William C. McGehee, division of lands of Delos Thomas Deced, 112 acres, $475,000.

Marriage Licenses

Martina Frances Reddish, 46, Brandenburg to Joseph Patrick Callahan, 49, Brandenburg

Peggy Sue Hayes, 47, Brandenburg to

David Dewayne Hardison, 43, Brandenburg

Kasaundra Margaret Givans, 23, Brandenburg to Christian Ambrose Winkler, 23, Elizabethtown

Caitlyn Nicole Allen, 22, Ekron to

Austin Miguel Frank, 24, Ekron

Brittney Faye Brines, 28, Irvington to

Lorissia Nicole Willis, 27, Irvington

Bethany Nicole Bault, 29, Brandenburg to James Cody Hammond, 29, Brandenburg

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