Do as I command, not as I do!

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 When trying to convince us that his latest mandate is what we, the citizens of Kentucky would do if given the choice, Beshear declares “In the midst of a worldwide health pandemic, wearing a mask makes a lot of sense”.

 “And is it too much to ask? I don’t think so”, he asks and answers.

 I guess he means it is not “too much to ask” as long as you can pick and choose when “it makes a lot of sense” TO HIM.

 As a business owner or manager, you are now being told who you can do business with and those that you must refuse to serve and then remove from your establishment. Make no mistake, your decision to refuse to do business with a member of the public. can and likely will result in the loss of future business from that citizen and others.

 Beshear said he will appeal the decision by Scott County Circuit Court Judge Brian Privett who issued a temporary restraining order, baring the governor from enforcing his coronavirus-related executive orders. When asked about the ruling he, Beshear, replied “We’ll beat ‘em in court, and just because the circuit judge there thinks he’s an epidemiologist, and we don’t need any type of restrictions, I know that’s not the case.” And here we thought he was just an attorney who’s only real accomplishment during his time as Kentucky’s Attorney General was to spend our tax dollars trying to impede the work of then Gov. Matt Bevin. I guess he too thinks of himself as an epidemiologist.

 These are the words from the same man, who’s son is a player on a travelling baseball team and was just last week observed playing in a game in which he and his fellow teammates were seated side by side in their dugout. No fault of course can be levied upon the young boys, they take their directives from their coaches and parents who are tasked to “lead by example”. In case you are wondering, no the coach wore no mask and abandoned the whole “social distancing” edict when calling his players into a huddle to discuss their game plan. So, as Gov. Beshear asks just days later, “In the midst of a worldwide health pandemic, wearing a mask makes a lot of sense”. “And is it too much to ask?

 The hypocrisy as witnessed in this recent photo is maddening but the lesson being portrayed is simple....”do as I say, not as I do”.


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