Does Meade County have a King?

FRANKFORT (Aug. 21, 2021) – Commissioner of Agriculture Dr. Ryan Quarles issued the following statement after the Kentucky Supreme Court issued today’s opinion: “In today’s ruling, the Kentucky Supreme Court said the General Assembly sets the public policy of the Commonwealth,” Commissioner Quarles said. “Our constitutional order does not take a break during a pandemic. With this ruling, Governor Andrew Beshear should turn away from his lawless ways and his open disrespect for the People’s branch, and do what he should have done from the beginning: actually bring people together and lead.

“Soon, Kentucky’s courts will have another opportunity to vindicate the right of the General Assembly to set public policy in a similar case: the Governor’s lawsuit against the Kentucky State Fair Board and me. The Governor is not a legislator or a king: even he is bound by our constitution and laws.”



The statement above reminds me of a similar situation that we have in Meade County. Have you ever wondered why one man always seems to want to control every event or announcement that can be significant or life changing to your families and our community? Do you wonder where the transparency is? Where is the participation of the board members and elected officials that are tasked with the representation of our community?

I am so amazed at the change in character a man can undergo simply by being appointed/elected to our local governing bodies. As Commissioner Quarles seems to say… King Beshear should stop his disrespect of the people and the laws that govern them. Does Meade County have a king? Can you think of an example where one man, whether in the past or present, has wanted to have full control and self-appoints the group that he is supposed to collaborate and govern with? I can think of at least one in the recent past, and one currently.

Do We Have A Fair Board Or A King David?

Does the fair board represent the peoples’ interest in The Meade County Fair Inc.’s 501-3c nonprofit organization? Does the effort of thousands of Meade Countians through volunteer hours and financial support get proper financial management? Why are meetings, budgets, income, and expenditures kept from the public?

Do We Have An Industrial Authority Or A King David?

Does the industrial authority represent the peoples’ interest? Who was involved in pulling the rug from the farmers? Who wants to control announcements about Meade County businesses to such an extent that the Governor had to notify the state at large so we could learn about another business coming to Meade County? (But pay attention, there was another King involved in that transaction.)

Our King David doesn’t seem to be about the protection and rights of the citizens, he seems to be all about wearing a crown.

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