Doyle’s response to subpoena

Editorial by Conrad Doyle

 Like all cases of compacted crap, relief comes only when the system gets fully purged.  This constipation/compaction cure comes when proper actions are taken.  Often, the necessary action results in extremely uncomfortable and even painful "movements". In the same way a person gets relief, and the blockage cleared, so too do the systems in which we live and are governed by.  To take one sentence out of an entire opinion piece and twist it to claim criminal intent, that they then liken to the Uni-bomber or a Child Trafficker, is disgusting and abhorrent! For dramatics he then says, "Nor would the identity of a person that threatens to kill a President or Congressman be protected.” Any comment, by any person, can be taken out of context and made to infer an action or intent that was never even remotely true.  The Book of Proverbs was written as an example of Biblical writings and teachings that challenge the reader to examine their values and morals as they pertain to the readers behaviors and code of contact. These values/morals are to be interpreted as they pertain to the necessary wisdom and submission to God and His will for our lives. In Proverbs, the Bible records the admonishment by the "author" Solomon as it relates to the correction of children by parents. So, if we decided to prove that child abuse is or was ordered by God, we would reach in and isolate this verse: Proverbs 13:24 "He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly" KJV  If we apply the same twisted, self-serving, weaponized process to this scripture, as have those who are seeking to silence the opinion of one Conrad Doyle, we would simply pull this one verse out of the body of Solomon's work and make the ludicrous jump into insanity and bring him up before the Grand Jury on false claims and manipulation of his writings. We could declare him to be committing criminal behaviors because he declared that children should be beaten with a rod.

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