Dr. Millay announces retirement

By Seth Dukes

On Tuesday, Dr. John Millay, Superintendent of Meade County Schools, announced that he would retire from the Meade County School District, effective at the end of the day on Feb. 29, 2020.

In a letter to members of the Board of Education, Millay said that he was beyond proud of all the things the district had accomplished, as well as the positive culture initiatives the district has continually worked on.

“We have super talented administrators, principals, faculty and support staff that will continue to move the schools and district forward and to new levels of success for our students,” said Millay in the letter. “I know that students have always been our primary focus as it should always continue to be.”

Millay says that he will do all that is necessary to create a very smooth transition to an interim leader that will be needed from March 1 until that time when a permanent superintendent can be hired.

Read the full article in next Thursday’s edition of The Meade County Messenger. A feature story chronicling Dr. Millay’s career in the Meade County School District will also appear in a future issue.

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