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Drawing Opportunity for "In School" and My Meade Online Students!

To the Administrators, Parents and Students of both "In School" and the My Meade Online Program this year:

The Meade County Messenger absolutely wants to extend the invitation for all school age children in grades 3-12 to participate in the Newspapers In Education Week this year, regardless if they are "in-school" or doing their school at home through the My Meade Online program. Students participate by drawing an original advertisement in color for a business who is participating in the program that year. That business then gets to pick one drawing from all the drawings entered to run as their ad in the newspaper that week. The money from this program goes to help pay the costs of supplying newspapers to teachers for use in their classrooms. Imagine the excitement for yourself (or your child) if their drawing is the one chosen to publish in color in the newspaper this year! It will be a keepsake of a lifetime.

If you are a student, or the parent of a student, who would like to participate in Newspapers In Education Week this year please email Tracy Whitaker as soon as possible at:

All requests for participation must be in by February 6, 2021 and all drawings must be submitted by February 12, 2021. I