Drawing the line

For many years, the growth of the city of Brandenburg has been a topic of discussion. Limited boundaries restrict population increase and new business construction.

 As annexation can be political suicide for those running for mayor and city council, casual conversation about broadening the city’s current By-Pass limits has been discussed during group gatherings, closed sessions, and open meetings.

 During the administration of the past mayor, David Pace, meetings included adding property and broadening tax bases. Although Pace never put the annexation to a vote, he has been instrumental in keeping the issue alive and is obviously a supporter.

 Current mayor, Ronnie Joyner, thinks he is the administrator to get this job done. He has voiced his intentions in several gatherings and preliminarily proposals to extend the city limits to one mile past the By-Pass. If one would look at an aerial photo, one would see the area to be taxed would include millions of dollars’ worth of property.

 When asked about potential annexation, Joyner said he had no comment.

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