E-Town Lady Panthers dominate Ladywaves


Sports Reporter

The Ladywave Basketball team knew they were going to have their hands full when the undefeated Elizabethtown Lady Panthers came to MCHS on Feb 26. The Lady Panthers are ranked as one of the top five in the state and are sporting a 12-0 record for a reason. They are good in all aspects of the game, but our Ladywaves are not so bad either, and they planned on showing the E-Town players that they can hang with the big guns on the court. This would be a good test for Meade to get a feel of where they stand as a team if they could stay within striking distance of the Lady Panthers, and possibly make it an upset.

Everything looks good on paper and chalkboards, but Meade found out quickly why E-town is at the top of their region. Slowing down the Lady Panther’s offensive powerhouse was going to be a difficult, if not daunting, task. Meade’s defense just could not find an answer to shut down E-Town’s shooters. E-town plays a very fast paced game, with players that can hit from all ranges on the court. E-town started the game hitting back-to-back-to-back three-pointers launching to a nine-point lead, and all that was before Meade was able to sink a basket. Meade quickly found themselves trailing at the end of the first by 15.

It was apparent that E-Town knew how to keep Meade from scoring, as they collapsed on Meade’s top shooters, eighth grader Peyton Bradley and Jenna Gallimore,.They would double team both of them each time they got the ball. With Meade’s big shooters being defended so heavily the rest of the Meade players who normally pick up the slack, still found it difficult to get the ball down low to seniors D. Griffith, or even get it out to senior Emily Myers for a shot from the outside. By the end of the first half, E-town had built their lead over Meade to 23-points.

In the second half, E-Town continued with the same game plan as the first, which Meade still struggled to stop, or even slow down for that matter. One would think that with the lead E-Town had they would just go into cruise control, but that did not seem to be the case. E-town continued to stretch their lead finishing the third up by 29-points. Meade never gave up though, in the final period they pushed their offense to put points on the board. The final period would be the best for Meade, scoring 22-points to E-Town’s 11, but would still lose by 18 to the E-Town Powerhouse.

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