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County government buildings will cease providing in-person government services to the public

All Meade County Government Offices are required to cease providing in-person government services to the public beginning at 4:30 p.m. on March 18, according to an executive order issued by Judge/Executive Gerry Lynn.

All Constitutionally elected officials and agency heads shall adhere to the following protocol:

—All buildings and sites providing county government services shall be closed to the public and, to the extent possible, all in-person county government services shall be provided by the following methods: mail, fax, email, videoconferencing, any internet-based methods, telephone or by appointment under emergency needs.

—Employees are prohibited from providing nonessential in-person county government services outside of government buildings or sites.

— In the limited circumstances where government in-person services are still provided, all county government employees should engage in social distancing as defined by the CDC (remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance [approximately 6 fee or 2 meters] from others when possible).

For assistance, please feel free to contact the respective agencies at the following phone numbers:

Judge/Executive’s Office: 270-422-3967

County Clerk’s Office: 270-422-2151

PVA’S Office: 270-422-2178

Sherriff’s Office: 270-422-4937

County Attorney’s Office: 270-422-4848

Emergency Management: 270-422-2776

Circuit Clerk/Driver’s License: 270-422-4961

Planning and Zoning: 270-422-4676

Solid Waste & Recycle: 270-422-2868

Road Department: 270-422-3577

Animal Shelter: 270-422-2064

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