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Fall break tragedy shakes local family and community to its core

By Chad Hobbs

 Things are finally supposed to be looking a little more normal this week for the youth of Meade County. After ending the year online this past spring and beginning the new school year online this fall, the Meade County School District brought students back into classrooms two weeks ago on a rotating schedule, dividing classrooms due to the pandemic. They then took last week off for fall break, and returned back Monday to a normal schedule for the first time since March.

 Meade County High School Senior Caden Satterfield and his family headed south to Daytona Beach for fall break. Like many other students and families heading to various beaches, Caden was very excited about the trip, according to his family.

 That would all change in the blink of an eye Friday, October 3, when Caden, his three siblings, and his sister’s boyfriend entered the ocean. Caught by a rip tide, all five children were pulled into deep water. Realizing what was happening, Caden heroically pushed his sister from the current, but in doing so pushed himself deeper in. The other four were rescued, but by the time Caden was pulled from the water, he was unconscious. This past Friday evening, Caden earned his angel wings at the tender age of 17.

 For a parent, there is no worse nightmare than the fear of losing a child. No parent should have to endure the horror, pain and suffering of burying a child. Unfortunately, that is the reality that Caden’s family must now endure. A young man, whose life was just getting started, was taken way too soon.

 I never had the privilege of meeting this young man, but after reading countless comments about him over the past week, it was not hard to quickly understand what a wonderful person he was and what a wonderful impact he seemed to have on so many people in his short 17 years on this earth.

 Archery coaches, former teachers, current teachers, friends and family all told the same story of this young man over and over again. Caden was “without a doubt a good one”, “no words sum up what a wonderful young man you were”, “full of love and always wore a smile”, “when he entered a room the whole atmosphere changed around you”, “a class act kid”, “a great kid and a great archer”, “one of the nicest and most polite young men I have ever known”, “never heard him say a bad thing about other kids and was a friend to all of them”, “the most selfless, kindest kid that you will ever meet; he sees nothing but the best in every situation”, “one of the greatest peop