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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

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Chad Hobbs:

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For many, the fact that December 13 fell on a Friday this year was a topic for the usual conversations revolving around misfortunes and bad karma that are usually associated with the 13th day of any month falling this way, but for Lisa Hobbs and her family, regardless of what day December 13 falls on, its bad. It is always a reminder of the day, three years ago, when news of a tragedy of epic proportions was delivered to her door. It is also the reason why you may have noticed flags flying at half-staff around the county on this day as well.

December 13, 2016, began in many ways just as any other day for the Hobbs family. Lisa traveled to Leitchfield to see a lady about quilting. Her husband, Gene, who also farmed with their son, Jeremy, was at work at the Meade County Road Department, where he had been employed for six years. Jeremy had headed to Owensboro to sell a load of tobacco the family raised and their daughter, Amanda, was at her home just across the road.

Gene and Lisa had just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary, six months earlier. They had become high school sweethearts after he had asked her to go to his Senior Prom. A love was kindled between the two that would lead them to the alter in 1975. After over four decades of walking through life as husband and wife, then also parents and eventually grandparents, that would all change one tragic day in 2016.

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