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February Fiscal Court Meeting

Chad Hobbs:

Messenger Staff


 The February regular Fiscal Court meeting opened with committee reports. Magistrate Eli Dix spoke of attending the Extension Office meeting where the main topic revolved around the planned expansion and publicizing the need for it. He spoke of the lack of meeting space due to the number of programs they have scheduled. Magistrate Gary Chapman inquired if they sometimes duplicate the library’s programs. It was discussed that it appeared to be more of a case of the library wanting to duplicate the Extension Office’s programs versus the opposite. It was also brought up that the Extension Office expansion has been in the works for some time. The library is also in the process of a $2.5 million expansion.

 Sheriff Wimpee returned $3,946.17 to the Court in excess fees. Chapman also explained he has had several constituents bring up concerns about the sheriff’s office’s ability to handle the added Nucor growth. Wimpee explained how this is very much on his mind. He stated the department will be fully staffed in terms of the budget in April as soon as the newest deputy comes out of the police academy.

 A resolution to accept Road Aid funds from the Kentucky Department of Transportation for county-maintained roads to be repaired was passed. Meade County will receive $1,234,228.53.

 David Veers’ bid to be the electrical inspector for Planning and Zoning was accepted. His bid was to receive 85 percent of all inspection fees, carry liability insurance and licensing, and to supply his own phone and vehicle. Allison Thomas Jr.’s bid for building inspector was accepted as submitted but needs to be reviewed first since his bid of $73,400 is more than double what the previous inspector was paid last year. It was also discussed that the Nucor project will need a full-time electrical inspector for the next 2.5 years, and the county will probably need to hire an additional inspector just to handle that. Tom Lanham was also added to the Planning and Zoning Board to fill a vacancy in Chapman’s fourth district.

 Several properties were discussed in need of cleanup in the Rock Haven area under the property maintenance ordinance that was passed towards the end of 2019. Magistrate Dix stated he had been to the properties more than once but hadn’t been able to contact the inhabitants. Both were rental properties. Court members discussed with County Attorney Jessica Roberts the need for a letter that could be sent out prior to going to properties so that the occupants can be notified by mail that their property is in violation of the ordinance and needs to be cleaned up before a magistrate goes to the property.

The amount of time a resident has to get a property back in compliance was also discussed. Magistrate Billy Sipes stated he had allowed some flexibility when residents were at least showing progress being made, especially due to the uncooperative weather which has plagued our area in recent months.

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