FINALLY, credible source has identified the person responsible for the lies and false rumors!

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

 Now let me warn you before to decide to take a quick look through this week’s paper, this column is not a quick or easy read as it is the written dialogue of a local gentleman’s talk show or “opinion” radio show. It will be laborious to read as we have taken great time and care to document his comments so as to not be guilty of misrepresenting him as he pontificates over and over, and over, and over, and over (yes I know how redundant that is-read on, you will understand why) while attempting to convince you that I am a danger to society and you should be very concerned that the local newspaper is hiding my identity from local law enforcement investigators.

 So let’s get started with this painful process. As you read through this ask yourself these questions:

*How does he know that the Grand Jury was meeting “today”?

*How is it possible for him to know and report over the airwaves, court proceedings that never occurred.

*Why would he say that

the publisher was willing to go to court and be “ WILLING TO BE HELD IN CONTEMPT OF COURT” to hide my identity from law enforcement and investigators.

*How could this honest, righteous preacher/pastor have known of a proceeding that not only didn’t take place as he said, yet knew it was “today” AND with great titillating exuberance states that he will have breaking news about all of this on his Tuesday show.

*Did this pillar of honesty tell his five listener’s on Tuesday, that the claims made by him and his buddies were so outrageous and insulting that the publisher was not even served a subpoena to appear and in fact only knew of the court proceedings because in his proud announcement that it is was occurring that very day?

*Did Bro. Johnson realize that he gave himself away on a previous show when he said “I called to ask if (they) read the threat that was made in the paper”?

 “For months, for months, week after week after week, negative, derogatory,vicious, vile things being said about some of our elected officials, one a state representative Nancy Tate, um I’ve questioned why a newspaper would do that, allow someone to do that anonymously ah, really not got a answer yet, other than “oh well, we just yeah we’ve got a lot of anonymous sources”. My question is is there something else going on behind the scenes? Now I am beginning to wonder, wou would, wouldn’t it, wouldn’t it be something if a we found out that Conrad Doyle, we found out that he was related to Brian Chism, the person who is running against Nancy Tate? I mean I, I do believe that when we find out the identity of this anonymous poster that it is going to embarrass the newspaper and I’m wondering if that is the reason they are willing to go to court and, be held in contempt of court for not giving the identity especially when, that person is accused of making a threat against one of the elected officials? Why would they, why would they not want the identity known of someone that law enforcement wants to question about allegedly making a threat in the local newspaper. Why would the newspaper go through that to protect the identity of this guy that the law enforcement wants to question for allegedly making a threat, why would they do that? I think there’s more to it, anyway, let me take a break........” approximately four minutes later, our source returns and we pick up with him repeating some of his “top ten questions for Brian Chism” and repeats his question “are you kin to Conrad Doyle?” Next he takes two calls, neither of which called in response to his previous nonsensical litany of inflammatory and self-incriminating comments regarding legal proceedings that never occurred.

He then returns to his delusional state of self-importance, and begins

again: “While we are waiting on a call from the ahh Chad Hobbs, he’s a staff writer there at the local newspaper ahh for where for week after week after week after week after week, a going back as early as ah November of November 2019 we began, that’s when I began noticing a lot of very disparaging things said about some of our elected officials here in the county and State Representative Tate and I just, I just noticed that and I thought, what was going on here so week after week after week you know saying things like liar, doing stuff for their own personal gain, twisting facts twisting information, manipulating people, and questioning their religion and questioning their Christianity and I could not for the life of me understand the justification, why would a newspaper do that? And then why would they allow someone anonymously to do it? And I, I have come to the conclusion, I think that it’s, it’s purposeful, again, my opinion, it’s purposeful. You know the the anonymous poster, does he have a close relationship with or is related to Nancy Tate’s opponent Brian Chism? Well there was allegedly a threat was made in print, in the local newspaper by the anonymous poster Doyle. Well it was under investigation, the authorities want to know what’s this guys name, we need to talk to him but the local newspaper said “”not telling you, just not giving that information”. So they went to court to try to obtain that information,subpoena’d, subpoena’d these, is it the publisher? subpoena’d the publisher of the newspaper to try to gain access to this person’s name so they can find out if the threat was real or not, and again I find it odd that a local newspaper would protect the identity of someone who has made a threat against an elected official, and they, they they want to protect that ah, er, threat or alleged threat in the newspaper and they want to protect that person’s identity. And, and and what a then then the newspaper speaks of transparency, the, the there is a need for transparency in these elected officials, and there is, but flip that coin over and there is a need for transparency and truthfulness and accuracy in reporting from the newspaper. Shouldn’t we expect that from newsprint? I think so. So, so, so they are in court, I think they went to court today , the Grand Jury, Grand Jury will make a decision where the newspaper will have to give up the name of this person. Would it disturb you, would it bother you, if you learned that the anonymous poster was somehow related to Brian Chism, Nancy Tate’s opponent who the anonymous poster has been denigrating for week after week after week after week after week? Could that be one of the reasons why the local newspaper is so unwilling to give up the name so they can be investigated? I am saying he is related, I’m just saying I believe there is more to this and the local newspaper is going to be embarrassed when we do learn the name”. Our credible source then takes a call from someone that asks “how did the local newspaper make those people look that protected their city?”

Our credible source said “oh, I, it made them look like the bad guys and I brought that up on a show a month or so ago, saying the exact same thing.

 The local newspaper portrayed it as a bunch of you know rednecks drinking swilling, (inaudible word) beer, carrying guns, an and that is how the local newspaper portrayed the citizens of Meade County that was protecting our own.

At this point in the call, the caller proceeded to claim the paper copied verbatim the news report as given on WDRB News Channel and suggested the citizens protest against the paper and shut them down. Our credible source then broke his total agreement with his unidentified caller stating he “did not want to see the paper shut down because it has been around for a long time and he has faith that the paper can do better” NOTE: when restating this portion of the call, I did use my own verbiage to summarize his response to the callers wish regarding the paper.

 Our credible source then takes another commercial break and in wrapping up his Monday, August 3, 2020 show says:

 “Waiting for a call from Chad Hobbs, staff writer for the local newspaper, maybe, maybe we will have to wait for his call for tomorrow and may have some news tomorrow, may have some breaking news tomorrow. I believe the Grand Jury is meeting today, ah to hopefully determine whether the newspaper should, I guess be legally obligated to give the name of the anonymous poster, who has allegedly made a threat against at least one of our elected officials and then for week after week after week, month after month after month from November of last year, said a bunch of disparaging, outrageous, vicious and just mean stuff about State Representative Nancy Tate. Ahh, again my question is what’s the purpose, why is the newspaper doing this? it doesn’t make sense, it hasn’t from the very beginning. My question is, is there more to this behind the scenes? Ahh, could Conrad Doyle, the anonymous poster be related to Nancy Tate’s opponent Brian Chism? I’m not saying that he is, I am just trying to find a viable reason why the local newspaper has taken this route, has taken this very negative,very negative stance ah, during this time of election. Like a lot of you folks have said, this election is important. A lot of things are hanging on this election, not just locally but nationally as well. So just some questions I don’t know, I don’t know Brian Chism, I just don’t know him, I’d like to, looks like a nice guy, seen his picture, he is a fairly nice looking man, I’d like to get to know him, just got some questions for him. If you know him, maybe you can tell me how he might answer some of these, some of these questions.....(it is at this point, we stopped listening to the recording of the show that an anonymous source supplied to us).

 If this has not been eye opening enough, we are also in receipt of a number of other recordings of this public opinion broadcast and except for the degree of ad nauseam that comes with the day after day after get my point....

we will leave them for another day.

 I asked last week about the cost to the taxpayers for this blatant misuse of the legal process.

 This week I leave you with this question:

Why would our elected District Prosecuting Attorney miss-represent the Grand Jury members and make a claim to the legal defense team and declare “ members of the Grand Jury came to me and asked me to investigate this”?

 Grand Jury members were used and weaponized in an attempt to violate both Kentucky and Constitutional laws just to intimidate the Publisher and writers affiliated with The Meade County Messenger.

Next week: Let’s play connect the is this elected official connected to the “players” in a very sticky web of lies and deceit?

 Why has a local murder suspect not been prosecuted? Will the victim’s mother ever see justice for her son?

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