Finding AR Books at the Meade County Public Library

By Brenna Cooper, MCPL

 Are you having trouble finding Accaelerated Reader (AR) books for your children? We have thousands of books available for check-out, many of which count towards AR! Locating which titles have AR tests can be a daunting task, so we are making it as easy as we can. You can look up books yourself (easiest) or bring them to the front desk and we will check them for you.

 To get started on your book search, head over to our website at, either on your phone, tablet, or computer. On our homepage is a large, brightly colored ‘Accelerated Reader’ button: click this to be redirected to the AR website. Once here, you will be asked to select whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or librarian. After selecting the choice that applies to you, click ‘Submit’ to be sent to the main site. Once here, we recommend that you go to the ‘Advanced Search’ tab above the search box. From here, you can explore books by interest level, AR level, quiz type, title, author, series, and more. If you have already found a book you would like to read, but cannot find it on the AR site, try typing in the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) on the back cover near the book’s barcode. The AR site is extremely picky about how you

phrase your search terms, and the book might be on the site, even if it doesn’t come up at first. If the book does not appear even with the ISBN, they do not have a test for it yet, and it will not count towards any AR points.

 You can pull up the Library’s card catalog and search both the AR site and our collection at the same time! You can reserve any title you would like to read for inside or curbside pick-up from the card catalog. You can also use the AR site to see if titles on Libby or Hoopla count towards your reading points, and can borrow those books anywhere, any time. You can pull up the AR site on your

phone and browse the Library shelves, checking titles as you find them.

 If you have any questions about how to find AR books, you can call us at any time at 270-422-2094 or visit us at the front desk. We are always happy to help!

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