Finding New Books to Read at the Meade County Public Library



Finding a new book to read can be a daunting task, and is usually done by wandering around the Library’s shelves until you find a title that catches your eye. How can you find new books without going into the Library? It’s a little harder, but still possible to do online.

Remember, if your mind wanders or you find something interesting, chase it down! Finding a new book to read is an adventure, and you may find yourself with an unexpected new favorite

book. is a website (also available as an app) that recommends books/movies/shows and more based on titles you already like. To start, scroll down on the webpage until a search bar appears at the top left. Then choose a category you would like to

explore. Type in a title you liked and hit search. A list of items with that title will appear (if you searched ‘Twilight’, the book, omnibus, and movie will show up); click the one that you liked.

Scroll to the bottom of the title’s page and there is a list of books that are similar to the one you liked. is a website that tracks series and books written by any fiction author. Want to know the title of the next book in your series? Trying to find more books by an author you love? This is the place to look! In the upper right, type the author’s first and last name into the search box and hit search. The page will have a short biography of the author, and then all of their works of fiction by publication year and series. Clicking on a specific title will bring up a brief synopsis (the back of the cover or inside the front cover book description) so you can

see if you would like to read it. is the New York Times Best Sellers list. These books are the most widely read and bought books and the list is updated weekly. Want to stay up-todate on what the world is reading? The New York Times will keep track for you. (also available as an app) is like social media with books instead of

people. Making an account is quick and easy, you just need an email address to start. After you

have an account, it will ask you for your favorite genres and then ask you to rate titles you have

read. It will then generate a list of recommendations based on the books you’ve read and how

well you liked them. You can set reading goals, build a wish list, and see what your friends are

reading, if you want to.

After you have found some titles you want to read, you can reserve them for curbside

pickup online at or by calling us at 270-422-2094. You can also check

Libby by Overdrive or Hoopla, our two online libraries, to see if the title is available there. If you

get stuck or would like some help, we are only a phone call away and happy to assist!

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