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First reading of 2020-2021 budget approved

By Seth Dukes

 The Meade County Fiscal Court approved the first reading of the county’s nearly $18 million budget at their May meeting.

 Meade County Judge/Executive Gerry Lynn said that, outside of standard raises and a little adjusting here and there, the only major change in this year’s budget compared to last year’s is additional monies to pay for two additional towers used for dispatch’s communication system. One of these towers will be located on Sand Ridge, and the other tower will be toward Wolf Creek.

 “That’s one of the major things we added that hadn’t been in the budget before,” said Lynn.

 The General Fund total budget will be $8,415,490. The Road Fund total budget will be $2,850,000. The Jail Fund total budget will be $2,745,000. The Local Government Economic Assistance (LGEA) Fund total budget will be $1,723,000. The Solid Waste Fund total budget will be $1,924,700. The 2020-2021 budget totals to $17,658,190.

 The Court will vote on the second reading of the proposed budget at their meeting next month.

Lynn said they will have to see what changes before they decide whether or not to have an in-person Fiscal Court meeting next month.

“I think this actually works well,” said Lynn referring to the virtual meeting, “but, we’ll have to see what limitations we’re dealt with next month for the next meeting.”