First Responders Lunch

By Trish Turner

 Intermittent rain showers didn't hamper the efforts of members of the Moose Family Center in Brandenburg from honoring First Responders in our area with a free lunch on Saturday, May 16. The event was advertised on WMMG radio, letters were faxed and emailed to the police, sheriff, and fire & EMT stations in the Meade County area. Notice of the event was also posted on Facebook. Lunch was to be served from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and it was free for First Responders. Anyone else that came and got a lunch were asked to give a donation.

 Stanley Bennett kept busy grilling hamburgers, and was occasionally spelled by T.J. Meade. Other Moose Family Center members who helped fix and serve the lunches were Shirley Barger, Shelia Bennett, Nikki Meade, Lori Storms, Becky and Mark Dix, and Jamie Alterz-Wayz. The tasty lunches, served in a Styrofoam container, consisted of grilled hamburgers with or without cheese, and included all the fixings. Also in the container were a bag of potato chips, a container of homemade coleslaw, and a dessert. A can of soda or a bottle of water was handed out with the lunches. The desserts were either a cupcake, brownie or a Rice Krispy treat. Cake Mom's donated the cupcakes and Moose Family Center members made the other desserts. Everything was delicious!

 Several people came by who had either heard about the event or saw the sign on the building advertising the lunch. A big order was delivered up to the Brandenburg Police Department Dispatch, and also to the Brandenburg Nursing and Rehab Center. Stanley Bennett estimated that he had cooked at least 50 burgers by the end of the day.

 It was a wonderful gesture of love and support from the Moose Family Center to our local First Responders. That is the nature of their organization, to strive for excellence in providing programs to benefit our community.

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