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Fiscal Court August meeting



The Meade County Fiscal Court’s August meeting had a full agenda. Judge/executive Leslie Stith stated he had a meeting in regard to Nucor that day. The new Brandenburg wastewater treatment plant was discussed. He informed the court that the city planned to ask the county to help pay for an access road to the plant that would be 12 feet wide and 300 feet long. He also stated that on Sept. 13, Nucor would officially sign the Bruington property back over to the county in order to move the burn pile across the road from where it is currently located on Moreman Road. He said that the road department could go on and start preparing the new site now.

Stith also gave an update on a meeting that Highway Department Supervisor Jeff Padgett and he had with the EPA on the Derby Tank Car property in Ekron which the county purchased. He said that the brownfield cleanup, which was originally contaminated by Derby Tank Car years ago, had gotten the all clear from the EPA. However, they did find piles of debris that had been dumped in the woods at some point that were contaminated with high levels of lead. Padgett said it looked like someone had burned a building or something and dumped it in the woods. It was agreed that if an environmental consultant was brought in to test and the highway department loaded the piles into roll offs to be hauled to one of a couple of landfills that handled such waste that the site would be totally cleared by the EPA.

Captain Allan Wilson of the Meade County Sheriff’s Office requested the speed limit on Turner Road be decreased from 35 mph to 25 mph. The road is being used as a cut-through by motorists, and it is too small for two cars to pass each other with out getting off on the shoulder. The court unanimously approved the reduction. They also had discussion with Sheriff Wimpee on several other small roads that are being used as cut-throughs at the beginning and end of the day around Nucor. Wimpee stated that they have been moving their radar trailer around to these areas and issuing speeding tickets. He also stated that the radar trailer is the only warning given, and anyone pulled over near the trailer will be ticketed.

The court voted to keep real property tax for 2023 the same – 21.6 cents per $100. Personal property tax dropped from 37.4 cents per $100 to 33.12 cents per $100. This was due to KRS mandates on the formula used to calculate calling for a reduction due to growth in the county. Merchant's inventory tax also stayed at the current rate of 19 cents per $1,000. The County Attorney, Jessica Roberts, returned $4,187 in excess fees to the court which were collected from cold check fees.

The court went into closed session and when they returned made and passed two motions. One was to terminate an employee at Solid Waste. The second motion was made by Magistrate Billy Sipes to raise commercial and out of county rates for dumping at the Recycling Center. The rates for commercial dumping were raised to 20 cents per pound and out of county residents dumping fee to 8 cents per pound. The rate for county residents remained at the current rate of three cents per pound.

“We are getting treated like a landfill out there. They are taking advantage of us,” Sipes stated. “If you haven’t noticed it, drive by. I just think we are getting abused.”

“What it amounts to is that we are cheaper than going to a landfill, and we have commercial people come and dump at our recycling facility. We are a recycling facility, not a landfill,” Stith added. “That’s why we can’t keep up with everything. So, we have to make this correction. Now folks, I’m going to tell you, this not going to go over real well, but it’s the right thing to do.”

In other business:

-Christopher Kincade was named the new Planning and Zoning Supervisor.

-Jeff Cox’s resignation as night supervisor at E-911 and switching from full time to part time was approved.

-Solid Waste received three bids for 3 trash truck loan rates – Cecilian Bank at 3.19 percent, Meade County Bank at 3.6 percent and KACO at 3.8 percent. Cecilian Bank’s bid was accepted.

-Backhoe bids were received for a new backhoe for the Recycling Center. Wilson Equipment offered a new Case 580N for $120,072.33, Boyd Equipment offered a new CAT for $103,191.62 and a used 2012 CAT for $77,930. It was decided that the used one would be pursued pending close inspection of its condition and hours.

-Bids on a tractor for the maintenance department were received. Wright Implement offered a John Deere for $46,539. Jacobi Sales offered a Yanmar for $$36,800. It was decided maintenance should review specs and all things equal, purchase the Yanmar.

-Animal Control received bids for a new truck. Tony Brown Chevrolet offered a 2022 for $46,329 and Dan Powers offered a 2023 for $39,980. It was decided that the specs should be checked over by Animal Control, and all things equal, purchase the cheaper one.

-Billy Board was approved to replace Travis Scott on the Ekron Fire Department Board of Trustees.

-The Nov. 8 Fiscal Court meeting was rescheduled to Nov. 15 due to the election.