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Fiscal Court holds December meeting


Messenger Staff

The Meade County Fiscal Court conducted its December monthly meeting on December 8. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was closed to public attendance and was live streamed instead.

The night opened with committee reports. Magistrate Garry Chapman stated that the Library Board had met, and their focus was mainly on the new expansion/addition which they hope to be moved into before Christmas. Judge/Executive Leslie Stith added that he had just done a walk through on the new EMS building. Stith said that the finishing touches were being performed, and the grand opening looks to be on pace for some time in early January 2021. The building is named in honor of former Judge/Executive Gerry Lynn, who passed away earlier this year. Stith concluded that the signage had gone up on the building and that it is looking good. The new EMS facility is located on Armory Road beside the Meade County Water District.

Next, Planning and Zoning Administrator Karen Chiari addressed the Court. She stated the board had voted to approve the rezoning of 36 acres on the corner of Guston Road and Charlie Powell Road from Agriculture 2 to Residential 1. The owner of the property wants to subdivide the land, but the A2 zoning it currently has requires that the minimum size of a lot is two acres. By rezoning to R1, the landowner may subdivide into smaller 1.2 acre lots. Magistrate Billy Sipes and Judge Stith both stated that they have been approached by several people asking for the minimum acreage for lot sizes be lowered. Chiari added that new construction in the county is being demanded at a higher rate than builders can supply. She noted that not only can they not build houses fast enough right now, but also houses are selling before the build is even finished in many cases. The Court unanimously passed the rezoning request.

In other business, a unanimous vote accepted Allison W. Thomas, Jr.’s uncontested bid to continue as the county’s HVAC and building inspector. Two bids were submitted for the county electrical inspector contract. County Attorney Jessica Roberts stated there was about a five percent difference between the two bids. A unanimous vote accepted David Veirs’ proposal, who is the current inspector for the county. Sheriff Phillip Wimpee’s 2021 budget of $1.6 million was also approved, along with a second reading of a budget amendment of $768 which dealt with CARES Act funding.

The 2021 Holiday schedule for county employees was approved. The one change for next year is that Presidents’ Day will no longer be a vacation day, but instead, will now be considered a holiday. It was also approved to bid out a new pickup truck for the Parks and Recreation department, which had already been approved in the county budget.

The final business included approving two resolutions. The first resolution came from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. They asked that all counties pass a resolution to be taken before the Kentucky Legislature revolving around gas taxes for road maintenance and reforms to the funding. Judge Stith pointed out that if something isn’t done, Meade County’s state road funds will decrease from $1,194,000 to $1,082,000 next year alone. The second resolution was to approve the City of Brandenburg’s resolution for their new sewer plant. The new plant is estimated to cost $8.3 million which will be completely bonded by the city.