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Fiscal Court repeals solar ordinance, funds History Museum at March meeting


Newsroom Coordinator

The Meade County Fiscal Court met for their monthly meeting on March 9.

The Court had previously been asked by the City of Brandenburg to split the cost of an aluminum boat dock for the river. Magistrate Eli Dix suggested that the Court table the request until they prepare their budget this year so that funds can be specifically allocated. Magistrate Tom Goddard made a motion in support, which was seconded by Dix. Magistrate Gary Chapman said that they would help support the city on the project in some manner. The motion to table the action passed unanimously.

The City of Brandenburg also requested that the parking lot near Durhams be striped. This lot is still county property, and Judge-Executive Stith said that they could stripe it in house, making the cost negligible. County Attorney Jessica Brown Roberts suggested quitclaiming the property to the city in the future. A motion to stripe the lot was made by Chapman, seconded by Magistrate Billy Sipes, and passed unanimously.

The Court then discussed funding for the History Museum. As of the meeting, the museum received $12,000 a year in funding from the county. That money is primarily being spent on rent, and the museum has plans of expanding and needs further funding to rent more space. Judge-Executive Stith suggested that the funding be bumped up to $20,000 a year. Dix made the motion, and Magistrate Steve Wardrip seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously, and that funding will come into effect beginning July 1.

Judge-Executive Stith proclaimed April 11 through April 17 as National Public Safety Communicators Week. He also proclaimed April 2, 2021 as Arbor Day in the county.

Members of the public were present to voice their concerns over a proposed zoning change on Old State Road. The change, which was requested by Pike and Tucker LLC, of the 2.5-acre lot’s zoning classification from R-1 to R-3 would allow a developer to build a duplex, which some residents were opposed to. Ultimately, the Court voted to approve the zoning request 5-1 with Wardrip voting no.

The Court then discussed the county’s solar ordinance. It appeared as though the Court felt their ordinance wasn’t restrictive enough. Sipes made a motion to repeal the current solar ordinance and have a work session to create another, more restrictive ordinance. The motion passed unanimously.