Fiscal Court works through agenda at February meeting


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The Meade County Fiscal Court met for their regular monthly meeting on Feb. 9.

Magistrate Tom Goddard informed the Court that the Muldraugh Fire Department may need their help. The department’s breathing apparatuses expire in 2024, and they estimate the cost to replace them at approximately $168,000. The department has previously purchased the devices through a FEMA grant, a grant that they were denied last year. Though they plan to re-apply this year, Goddard wanted the Court to provide a safety net for them in case they could not get approved for the grant.

“Without those masks, the fire department will have to shut down,” said Goddard.

The Court agreed that they would look at the availability of funds in the next budget cycle. In that case, they could see whether or not the grant was approved and then move forward from there.

Brandenburg Mayor Ronnie Joyner approached the Court in hopes of partnering with the county to help pay for two city projects. The first was replacing the wooden boat dock with an aluminum one. Joyner said that they have to replace the dock, made of treated lumber, every few years, and having an aluminum one would eliminate that replacement need. He estimated the cost to be $39,912. He proposed a 60/40 split between the county and city respectfully.

The Court voted to table the issue until the next meeting.

Joyner then proposed another 60/40 split between the county and city to pay for concrete bollards placed every 5 feet around the Confederate monument on the riverfront. He estimated the cost to be approximately $10,785.

Michael Kelly approached the Court to raise concerns about the payment. Kelly is also a member of the Brandenburg City Council. He said that he would rather see county funds spent elsewhere, such as on handicap accessible playground equipment or emergency services. He proposed that it would be next to impossible for someone to gain enough speed in a vehicle to damage the monument due to its positioning.

The Court voted to table the issue until the next budget meeting since the funds are not currently in the budget.

In other business, Meade County Clerk Judy Jordan informed the Court that their office would be turning over $238,632.98 in excess fees. Meade County Sheriff Phillip Wimpee reported excess fees in the amount of $13,109.67.

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