Fiscal Court works through July regular meeting



On July 12, the Meade County Fiscal Court held its regular monthly meeting. During the public session, Orville Griffin of Rock Haven addressed the court. Griffin stated that he and seven neighbors filed a complaint on November 7, 2019, in regard to a property maintenance ordinance violation by their neighbor. He reminded the court that 993 days have now passed since filing that complaint, and he “wanted to refresh (their) minds that there are problems out there.” He said five 40-yard dumpsters have been delivered to the property by the county during that time span, but that a car trunk couldn’t be filled with what the property owner has put in the dumpsters. In fact, Griffin said that neighbors have used the dumpsters more than the property owner had. Nuisance/ abandoned properties have been a thorn in the court’s side for many years ever since the first ordinance was passed back in 2004. Several different judge/executives, teams of magistrates and county attorneys have worked to put teeth in the ordinance, but they have all fallen short of enforcement since day one. Judge Stith told the magistrates that he had recently met with the Meade County Water District. He said they asked him to ask the magistrates to put together a list of roads that they would like county water brought to in their districts. He said he thought this was the first time they had asked the magistrates to do that and encouraged them each to make a list of 3 to 5 roads each one thought should be a priority.

An ordinance was read and approved to get a water main installed on HWY 933 to Miller’s Welding and Fabrication. Miller’s was originally located at the riverport where Nucor is now. In order for the Fiscal Court to relocate them to HWY 933, they had to get water to the lot where they are now going to be located. County Attorney Jessica Roberts said that the water main needed easements across four different properties – one of which is ground for Nucor, but the county is the record owner on the property, so the Fiscal Court’s approval was also needed. Phillips Brothers Construction has already underway laying the water line which the county paid $33,000 for along with the city of Brandenburg and the Industrial Authority also paying a portion of the cost.

In other business, Baptist Health, who has a medical office in the old Jewish building, close to the courthouse, proposed a cash lease on the building which is owned by the county. Baptist Health did a study on what the fair market rental on that building is and came up with $13 a square foot which is $127,500 annually. They proposed a 10-year lease for this amount annually, and they will take care of all the maintenance and upkeep on the building except for structural issues. Brown said those structural issues would only come up if there was some kind of damage from something like an earthquake or wind damage to the roof. The court unanimously approved the cash lease. The court also approved the resignation of Guy Garcia as Planning and Zoning Chairman so that he may take over the vacated position of Planning and Zoning Administrator. For EMS, Bob Arms was hired as a paramedic. He had formerly served as an advanced EMT. Michael Powers was approved to be the Training Officer and Scott Rogers to be the Shift Supervisor/Quality Assurance Officer for EMS.

Dispatch was awarded a grant for new desk stations to put in the new dispatch center once it’s completed which will reimburse 90 percent of the cost. The price for four stations is $81,355.79 and the grant will reimburse $73,220.21 of that cost. Jeremy Miller, the Director for Dispatch, also said that they were in need of radio upgrades. The Motorola 5500s they now use came out in 2004 and after 18 years, Motorola no longer supports them or sells parts for them. The Motorola 7500 will not only work for what they do now, but it can also have a digital upgrade which is the only radio which can join the KY State Police Network should the county ever choose to take that route. Miller said that there were three payment options to choose from. The four radios needed could be bought outright for $503,698, leased for five years for $114,938.85 a year with a grand total of $574,694.25, or leased for seven years (which is budgeted for) for $85,251 a year with a grand total of $596,759 paid over the lease term. The court unanimously approved the seven-year lease option.

In other business, the court approved Anthony Lee to be appointed to the E-911 Committee as the representative of the County Fire Chief’s Association. Vicky Greer was promoted to Assistant Director and Jeff Cox to Night Shift Supervisor for Dispatch. Delmar Miller was promoted to the Battletown Fire Department’s Board of Trustees. The court also approved bids for a new and used backhoe for Solid Waste, a new tractor for the Maintenance Department and a new truck for Animal Control.

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