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Fish and Wildlife regulations amended

Changes to several Kentucky Administrative

Regulations now effective

In accordance with KRS 150.025, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is providing updated information about proposed fish and wildlife-related regulation amendments that have received final legislative approval and are now in effect.

The following is an overview of changes:

301 KAR 1:201 - Taking of fish by traditional fishing methods

This administrative regulation codifies size limits, daily limits and possession limits for sport fish that may be taken from Kentucky waters and necessary to properly manage the sport fish populations of Kentucky.

The following changes within 301 KAR 1:201 will be reflected in the 2023 Kentucky Fishing and Boating Guide, which is expected to be available by early February.

  • Statewide regulations of a 12-inch minimum size limit and a 6-fish daily limit for largemouth and smallmouth bass on the following waterbodies:

  • Prather Pond and the 15-acre and 6-acre ponds on Kentucky River WMA in Henry County.

  • Paintsville Lake (Johnson and Morgan counties)

  • Marion County Lake (Marion County)

  • Fagan Branch Lake (Marion County)

  • Shanty Hollow Lake (Warren County)

  • A protective slot limit on largemouth bass 12-15 inches in length, with a 6-fish daily limit on the following lakes:

  • Beaver Lake (Anderson County)

  • Boltz Lake (Grant County)

  • Corinth Lake (Grant County)

  • McNeely Lake (Jefferson County)

  • General Butler State Park Lake (Carroll County)

  • Lincoln Homestead State Park Lake (Washington County)

  • Cave Run Lake (Bath, Menifee, Morgan and Rowan counties)

  • Panbowl Lake (Breathitt County)