Former Band winners, we have a problem

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

Well, it seems Meade County Marching Band members from times gone by will find their trophies discarded, tossed in a box or given away.

Who would have ever imagined that our band would run out of space to display or even keep the many trophies won during years of superior competitions?

Well, some spring cleaning is taking place, and there is no space to store some of our trophies.

 Most of the newer trophies and some older trophies like those from the Contest of Champions and any grand champion trophies will be spared from the trash heap. Those in charge of this project are encouraging anyone wanting to keep a particular trophy from a competition to reach out to those in charge, and they will make the trophy available if it has not already been claimed.Available trophies are from the 2000’s and up.

There has been a healthy amount of banter and suggestions for what to do with all of these trophies with some lamenting about how hard they or their children have worked over the years to earn each one of them.

There was even a second hand post from our current Band Director who attempted to ease the tensions of readers, former band members, parents and grandparents that were members of the band back in the day.

The crux of the problem is “space” according to Mr. McGee and while he values “all of the accomplishments and history we have here in the band at Meade County. These trophies are for things such as 2nd and 3rd place in class at small local competitions. I am keeping anything that is 1st place or grand champion and plan on displaying those. I am offering the others up to people in which they have great meaning to instead of throwing them away. Quite a few of these trophies are damaged or dilapidated. Also, many of these trophies have been in a closet since before I even came here in 2010. We had a storage space for them, but because of fire hazards they had to be relocated to our instrument storage space. We now have no room to move our equipment in and out equipment storage safely without tripping over trophies. It is important for our students to have a safe and usable space in which they can grow and learn.”

I personally found his explanation to be kind and simple but not all poster’s agreed. Many suggestions were made as to what should happen to these relics of yesteryear with donating them to the Special Olympics getting a number of supportive comments

A number of times there were postings assuring readers that none of the trophies had been thrown in a box or trashed, although some readers were clearly not buying into that claim.

Others suggested that a larger display case be made that would hold all of the trophies or an even more expensive suggestion offered up was to “build a room”.

 According to some

experienced Band Booster’s “funds for the band program get cut every year” which just adds to the dilemma.

I personally love and respect the work of our bands both current and former, and while I have no children interested in this extra-curricular activity, I still believe in honoring the hundreds of thousands of hours put into our band program that resulted in each and every one of the trophies earned.

How about a compromise: Create a Winners Wall that will display the brass plaques that are usually attached at the bottom of the trophy and donate the columns and base plates to the Special Olympics programs. This will honor the hard work and dedication of both programs.

Just a thought...

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