Free food and exposure to COVID-19 to go

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle   Our community is full of outstanding individuals and businesses who have gone above and beyond during this COVID-19 pandemic. One such example of generosity is by The Locals, a mobile food vendor who gave out approximately 400 meals last Sunday. Our county judge/executive, City of Brandenburg Mayor and others helped hand out the free food. So why then the title, Free Food and exposure to COVID-19?  Call it sarcasm if you like, but make no mistake it is truth, apparently one that our Judge Executive would probably prefer you not know.  It is also possible that a man that runs a very tight ship has finally “shown his hand.” Long ago we put two and two together and figured out Mr. Lynn’s management style is less about team work and collaboration, his is best described as “it’s my way or the highway.”  One need look no farther than the manipulative orchestration involved in the dismissal of the two members of the Industrial Authority. If you remember the Judge Exec. planned to dismiss two board members that he knew intended to vote against the NUCOR deal.  Prior to the meeting during which the vote would be taken, and as he expected the two men voted in opposition.  He conveniently announced the two members could not vote because “their terms were up”. As fate or providence would have it, there just happened to be two gentleman present that he had already planned to replace them with under the condition that they would vote as he wanted them to vote, they had to vote “yes”.  As promised, they did & he got what he wanted.  Now comes the pandemic COVID-19 and in keeping with his management style, he became the only voice allowed to speak on the subject and the county’s plan to combat its spread.  On two occasions, Mr. Lynn took to the Cyber World to address his fellow Meade Countians on the plan going forward.  The Courthouse was closed to the public with a plan of action initiated that would allow the public to enter by appointment only to take care of their personal business.  So for a couple weeks if you needed car tags, etc. you would be escorted to the specific office to complete your transaction.  It was at about this same time that a positive diagnoses was given to a staff member of one of the offices that was allowing the public in, by appointment only. Everyone within the office as well as the Judge Executive knew of the positive test results but at his direction, no one was allowed to speak to the public about it.  Unfortunately, he chose not to inform the public and business at the courthouse continued as usual.  NO ONE SAID ANYTHING AND THE PUBLIC CONTINUED TO BE ESCORTED TO WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN, AND MAY STILL PROVE TO BE A SERIOUS HEALTH COMPROMISING SITUATION!  But, WHY?  Why would he take to a Facebook post twice before to encourage us and stress to us the importance of following all the state and federal CDC guidelines. He informed us of the two cases that had been confirmed and the ages of the two. We appreciated his reaching out to us and showed sincere intent to “lead” us during this very unsettling time.  Then, nothing….more rumors ….more untrue gossip….. But still…..nothing out of his office….and still, nothing. Nothing about an employee within a county office……nothing changed, …the public continued to be escorted in……..  WHY?  Why did he not address the situation? Why did he not allow someone else to address the situation? We have a gentleman that has proven time and again that he is capable of addressing public emergency situations with the utmost professionalism and decorum.  Why not allow that grossly underpaid employee to brief the public on this potential emergency situation?  Why, when finally asked did the judge decide he could not discuss the situation because of HIPPA Regulations. That certainly did not affect his decision when making the first two public statements so why now?  I know people can be rude and I can appreciate the confidential nature of the situation and those involved. But, it can never be acceptable to opt instead, to act like nothing has changed and the public being allowed/scheduled to go to the office in which the positive diagnosis Was confirmed.  Have those individuals that were physically in the courthouse and the office, gotten a call to advise them? Did other employees have the directive to quarantine themselves for the 14 day time period? Did The Judge self-quarantine?  I can only guess that his attempt to micro-manage everything under his watch, became an impossible task so he chose the “easy way out” and pulled the HIPPA card.  So why the title?  Our Judge Executive did knowingly participate in an activity during which he assisted in the dissemination of food to the public?  WHAT POSSIBLE JUSTIFICATION CAN HE OFFER?

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