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Rena Singleton:



 The only constant in life or business is change. Things change, people change, goals change, priorities change, plans change, as did my plans for retirement. I now find myself back at the helm of The Messenger. Change may not be welcomed, but with it comes the inevitable decisions that we must make for ourselves, or someone else will make them for us.

 Many changes have occurred in the newspaper business, and we have some exciting changes coming to our county with the growth of industry and opportunity. My staff and I have spent many hours discussing, researching and brainstorming ways that we can provide a quality newspaper for our community. We continually ask ourselves, “What is our responsibility to our community? What do our readers expect of us? What is our mission?”

 Our mission is to effectively spread the word about our local events, people, and organizations. To advance our readers’ knowledge about our governing bodies, elected officials, board members, and public figures through accurate and thorough investigation.

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