Gift your time this holiday season


As the holidays approach, you may be stressing over finding the perfect present for each person on your list. Gift buying can be even more stressful and complicated if money is tight. Consider your time as an inexpensive, meaningful way to check off your list this year.

 Time is one of the most valuable things we can give, yet when it is time for gift giving, it is something that we tend to overlook and undervalue. Not only will gifting your time save you some money, but it can help create memories that will be more valuable and precious than any store-bought gift.

 Here are some ways to give time to friends and family.

 Offer to help someone complete a task or project. You may save them money in the process.

 Use your talents to make a thoughtful, handmade gift. These gifts can range from crocheted hats to picture frames to food depending on your interests, talents and abilities.

 Consider a “stuff” swap instead of a gift exchange. We all have books we have read, toys our kids no longer play with or clothes that don’t fit. Instead of having a gift exchange, consider swapping items you no longer need with your friends and family.

 Gift an experience rather than a physical item. There are many low and no cost experiences you can give someone including trips to a historical landmark, museum or park. These types of gifts can give your loved ones something to look forward to once the pandemic is over.

For more information about ways to reduce your gift-giving expenses, contact the Meade County Extension office.

 Source: Nichole Huff, extension specialist for family finance and resource management. 

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