Global Disaster Outreach aims to help local long-term care facilities through pandemic

 Global Disaster Outreach is hosting a fundraising event later this month, and considering their track record, they’ll put the money to good use.

 According to GDO’s Vice President, Don McMahan, it all started when Hurricane Maria hit in 2017. McMahan had friends that went to Puerto Rico to help. When they returned, the group knew that they needed to do more, especially on a local level.

 “If there’s a need in the community that needs to be addressed, we’ll look at it and try to do what we can to fix it,” said McMahan. “We’ve donated more than $35,000 in Meade County within the last year and a half.”

 Though the name implies worldwide actions, their main focus is helping local people and occasionally reaching out to surrounding areas.

 McMahan, who works in marketing at Brandenburg Telephone Company, says that helping those in need is very rewarding, especially when they’re able to help children.

 “We’re not changing the world, but we’re changing someone’s world,” said McMahan.

 The event, which will be held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on June 27, is a mini rubber ducky derby. The public will be able to buy ducks until 4:30 p.m. Those ducks will be dumped into the river, and a finish line will be set up by the boat ramp. GDO is also seeking businesses to sponsor the event to help fundraise. Nucor is sponsoring the main event, sponsoring the $1,000 first-place prize. The first 250 people will receive a free taco from the Locals Food Truck, and there will be free entry to win a $400 meat package from Webb’s Butcher Block.

 GDO will use the money from this event to provide local assisted living facilities with technology that will allow residents to visit with loved ones despite in-person visits being limited by COVID-19.

 For more information on GDO, the Mini Rubber Ducky Derby, or to volunteer or donate, visit

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