Goddard, One Man Stands Alone

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

We have all heard the saying “change is good”, but is it true? There really is no singular answer to the question, no simple “yes” or “no”. Change is often forced upon us because of circumstances beyond our control. With the loss of our Judge Executive comes a change that no one wanted to witness. Gerry had a very positive persona when addressing the public and he represented Meade County well.

 Depending upon which side of the aisle you find yourself, you will view our Governor’s appointee to fill the unfortunate vacancy left by the loss of our Judge Executive with either great satisfaction or with puzzling skepticism.

 Having a Democrat Governor now making the decision and appointing an individual to fill the vacancy, the fact that he appointed a Democrat to complete the remaining term is a bit frustrating to those of us who voted for and elected a Republican. The citizens (by vote) elected a Republican, should we not expect that our Governor would respect the wishes of the voters and appoint a Republican to finish the remainder of Hon. Lynn’s term?

 Having said that, I do wish Mr. Stith well. His success is our success collectively speaking. I hope that he will be able to stand on his own two feet and not allow himself to be manipulated. I hope he will seek advice from someone that is not a part of the current political dynasty. I would like to see him do a “sit down” interview with a staff member of The Meade County Messenger. I look forward to getting to know our new Judge Executive and hear his goals for the next year.

 The citizens of Meade County mostly look forward to honest transparency, not selective revelations on a need to know basis. You have “big shoes to fill” Mr. Stith, I heard someone say, but I disagree. No one can fill the empty shoes left behind, so don’t attempt to do so. Put those shoes away for safe keeping and fill your own shoes. Be willing to walk in them despite the often uncomfortable and sometimes painful “break-in” period that comes with having to stretch in new shoes to make them fit comfortably. There will surely be blisters and painful, or raw, areas that always accompanies new leathers.

 In closing, I want to switch gears and draw your attention to the votes that were taken during the last Fiscal Court meeting. The Magistrate’s met and voted on new, and in one case, higher tax rates that we will have to pay. One Magistrate - Mr. Thomas Goddard, actually stood alone and voiced what we, the taxpayers have been saying all along....

“They should drop it in half,” said Goddard. “Anybody that can build like that with taxpayer money… it’s just out there. I agree the library is important, but my gosh. You’ve got a bigger bank account than D.C.”

 Mr. Goddard, thank you for being what seems to be the only voice of reason where certain taxing entities are concerned.

 So what happened?

 We will discuss that next week. But in the meantime, ask yourself a couple questions:

 What, if any, recourse do the citizens of Meade County have that once evoked can reverse a vote taken that adversely affects the taxpayer’s that will be saddled with the debt?

 Why are matters such as taxes and budgets not put on a ballot for public voting?

 an issues such as tax rates be printed in NORMAL FONT SIZE so we, the citizens can read and know what tax rates and entities are being voted on?

 How many community members knew that taxes were going to be discussed and voted on during a given Fiscal Court meeting? Oh wait, my bad...there was NO DISCUSSION, only one man was willing to put his relationship with others at risk by trying to do what was/is the right thing to do!

 Why did no one else have the courage to stand in opposition to the tax rates and in agreement with Mr. Goddard?

Why have others not said what the majority of the citizens are saying, “when is enough going to be enough?”

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