Gov. gives COVID-19 update

"We will get through this. We will get through this together," Gov. Beshear began this afternoon, as he usually does, asking viewers to say the phrases out loud.

Tonight's update:

54 new cases of the coronavirus in KY. While that is slightly more than yesterday, it is really close, and that is a good sign. In other places, the number of cases are growing significantly more and more each day.

No cases in Meade County as of this afternoon.

"These next couple weeks are absolutely critical," said Beshear. Very large surges going on in various parts of the country. He said we have more time than other places to make sure that we reduce that curve, limit our contacts, that we have fewer cases, and we make sure that our healthcare system can serve everyone who needs it.

"We're not competing with another state. We're competing for the health and lives for our people." He said the only people we are competing with is ourselves, and we should want to do better every single day.

Gov. asks everyone to dig deep. "The more that we can do, especially the next two weeks, is going to make such a difference for people who need us."

Have asked county judges and mayors to close any public playground/basketball courts where people have shown that they cannot engage in social distancing.

New folks to qualify for unemployment (list includes but is not limited to these groups):

- Self-employed

- Independent contractors

- Freelance workers

- Substitute teachers

- Childcare workers employed by religious affiliated organizations and non-profits.

"There is no stigma. This is a difficult time. We want to make sure that everybody has enough to get through this," said Gov. Beshear.

Two additional deaths today due to the virus.

Primary elections at least moved to June 3, 2020.

A reporter asked if Gov. would consider closing the Tenn. border. Gov. Beshear said that they've considered different options every single day, but he's not there yet.

Gov. said they're working with at least two hotels right now, potentially converting them into extra hospital space if needed.

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