Gov.'s March 30 update

Bullet points from today's update from Gov. Beshear on COVID-19

Gov. said he knows it can be hard not knowing when this will end, but it will end. He assured the public that we will get through this.

Gov. shared a graphic including these ten steps that everyone can take to battle COVID-19:

1. Stay Healthy at Home.

2. Avoid Crowds & Gatherings.

3. Practice Social Distancing.

4. Know when to seek care.


6. Wash Hands and Surfaces.

7. Apply for Benefits.

8. Prioritize Mental Health.

9. Do not Travel.

10. Report Non-Compliance.

Regarding the 1-year-old in Fayette County: They are at home, have mild symptoms, and are doing really well.

Issued a new executive order that instructs Kentuckians not to travel to other states except for few small exceptions. You can go out of state if required for your job. If you're on the border and you need groceries, medicine, or other supplies. You can go if it's required for your healthcare or if you have a loved one that you need to care for. If a court requires you to travel, you can also travel across state lines.

While enforcement can be done, the reality is the only way that we're going to get people doing the right thing is because they agree to, the Gov. said when asked how the order would be enforced.

Asked those that have returned from spring break to self-quarantine for 14 days so as not to infect other Kentuckians.

Only 42 new cases, one of which is presumptive but is going to come back as a case. That means the total number of cases in KY is 480. This is good news because other states are seeing really a doubling just about every 3 days or less. But, we are in the surge. We are in the escalation. Gov. thinks that it shows our actions matter.

No confirmed cases in Meade County

But, just because there isn't a confirmed case in the county, it doesn't mean the coronavirus isn't in the county. Gov. says we should all behave as if it is already here.

Two deaths today. One is presumptive but it's going to come back as being positive, and that is an 88 year old female from Kenton County. And then we have a 90 year old female from Simpson County. Both had some other health conditions, but the coronavirus was at least a contributing factor that took them from us.

Estimated that the total number of individual tests in Kentucky 15,000 and 21,000 individuals tested in KY. Still working on getting better and more accurate numbers on that.

A full update from the Gov.'s office will be posted tonight.

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