Greenwave Can’t Ground Eagles

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


 As the Meade County High School Greenwave Basketball teams’ season is drawing to a close, they are still finding it difficult to bring home wins from games they have led through three periods. On Feb. 18, they began their game against the North Bullitt Eagles strong, with their offensive play able to get them a lead quickly, and hold that lead by playing an in your face defense that was giving North Bullitt’s offense a tough time to bring the ball up court. By the end of the first period Meade had built up a six-point lead and had all the momentum at the start of the second. Meade continued to force North Bullitt to make miscues during the second period that resulted in them spreading their lead out to 12 at one point, but North Bullitt began to close the gap after a timeout midway through the period. That quick rally by North Bullitt soon faded as Meade’s defense adjusted and shut down North Bullitt’s scoring. Meade went into the half holding onto an eight-point lead.

 “We did a lot of good stuff in the first half,” Head Coach Jason Tripure said of the teams play, “We were able to force a few turnovers early. We were able to capitalize on those to get out in front of them.”

 After the half Meade came out with their press defense, but North Bullitt had an answer to that midway through the period as they went on a 14-2 run to take their first lead of the game. This is where Meade has been struggling this season. Once a team comes back on them, they seem to loose their rhythm and let the game get away from them. However, in this game, Meade came roaring back on North Bullitt by crashing the boards, and grabbing offensive rebounds for put backs, to grab the lead before the end of the period.

 “I was proud of the way the boys fought back. In the past they would have folded up and it would have been over. But they continued to play and were able to bounce back.”

 Meade may have pushed themselves too much in the third, and it showed in the fourth as North Bullitt’s press defense stopped any momentum Meade had built in the prior periods. Meade began mishandling the ball with bad passing, missed shots, or losing the dribble in the trap. North Bullitt took full advantage of Meade’s miscues to go on a 19-2 run. Meade wasn’t able to bounce back this time as the bench wasn’t much help in this game as they have been in the past. Meade would drop their third straight game in a row by a score of 59-73.

 “Only putting up five-points in the fourth isn’t going to win a game. We just cant do that,” Tripure said after the game, “In games prior we just seem to have that one bad period, which I thought was going to be the third, but they came back. I mean, they were wore down a little bit from that, but I’m only playing about seven guys due to the other guys playing JV. It’s hard to throw them in a varsity game after they just finished playing a full JV game and expect them to be fully rested. But, we still need to get some production from a couple guys here that play a lot of minutes. But, all in all, I thought they played well tonight.

Box Score

N. Bullitt 16 9 24 24 73

Meade Co 22 11 21 5 59


M. Doier-20,

C. Turner-20,

C. Decker-11,

B. Blankenship-3


C. Turner-4/7,

B. Blankenship-1/2

C. Decker-1/3


M. Dozier-6,

C. Decker-6,

C. Turner-6

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