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Greenwave draw even with Cougars

By Richard Fairman

 n Sept. 8, the Meade County High School fall sports programs got underway with the Greenwave Soccer team hosting their season opener against the Bullitt Central Cougars.

 his team is loaded with young talent up front, as well as their defense to hold off any of Bullitt Central’s attacks. It appeared as though in the first half this game was going to be a battle of defenses, as both teams found it difficult to penetrate the box. Meade’s young defense made sure that each time Bullitt Central got the ball past midfield, they collapsed on the ball, making any chance of passing difficult, and eventually turning the ball over. Even with the tough defense, the Bruins were able to get the ball in on the Greenwave keeper. Midway through the first half, the Bruins would be the first to score, off what Beasley thought was an offsides.

 “I thought we came out and controlled the ball really well. We pressed well, played hard and I think we are in really good shape,” Head Coach Matt Pollock said of the teams play, “I thought during the first half we mixed it up really well, we got some crosses in and had some real opportunities, but they just didn’t work out for us.”

 fter the half, Meade came out pressuring the Bullitt Central defense, and with only 12 minutes clicked off the clock in the second, Junior Grayson Pollock scored on a hard shot, beating the Cougars goalkeeper and taking a one-nil lead. Down by one, Bullitt Central’s offense came back with a pressing offense of their own, and with less than two minutes clicked off the clock, tied the game at one a piece.

 “It’s not uncommon for another goal to happen soon after one is scored. It could be the same team scoring again or the other, but it’s pretty common that another goal is going to happen, and tonight it was them scoring to tie and not us adding to our lead.” Pollock said of the goals. “We just got Once they tied it up, we began to rush, we offensively pressed to fast which put us in a situation where we had two guys trying to carry the load offensively. These are small things we need to work on, but overall, I am really pleased with the way we played tonight.”

 oth teams would slow down and fall back into their tough defensive posture that they started the game with, making it exceedingly difficult to get any quality shot off on the goalkeepers. Meade had chances to take the lead, but just could not seem to get the break they needed and finished their first game with a draw.