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Greenwave smell a Championship


Sports Reporter

The Meade County High Greenwave basketball team finished the regular season on a high note, winning their last two games and erasing their eight-game losing streak. So, starting the District 11 Tournament at Hancock County against the Fredrick Fraize Aces on March 15, was hopefully going to keep their winning ways alive, and send them to the District 11 Championship. It took Meade a little longer than expected to get the rhythm they wanted, but once it got rolling, it was all Meade. Meade’s offense had little issue getting to the hoop, but putting the ball inside the hoop on the first shot, that was another story. Meade used put backs to put points on the board, but the scoring did not seem to kick in until the end of the first period, where Meade took a 15-point lead. Once Meade figured their offense out, it took off in a hurry, as Head Coach Jason Tripure began to sub players in off the bench. Meade continued to score, finishing out the half with a 10-0 run to give them a substantial 21-point lead over the Aces.

In the second half, Meade came out and didn’t skip a beat as they continued to work on their defensive play, as Coach Tripure began sitting starters, giving his younger players valuable playing them that they need before they get to the regional tournament. With the next generation of Greenwaves in, they began running their own offense and defensive plays. Meade never slowed down as they continued to maintain their lead over Frederick Fraize all the way to the end, finishing the game with a running clock and beating Fredrick Fraize by a score of 74-32.