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Greenwave Soccer honors departing seniors


Sports Reporter

 On Sept. 23, prior to their game against Holy Cross, the Greenwave Soccer Boosters and team honored their seven departing seniors. Some of these players have been with the team since they were in middle school and have worked their way up through the ranks to become some of the team’s most influential leaders that will surely be missed in the coming years.

 Camden Vessels, son of Chad and Lindsey Vessels. Camden plans to continue his education in the Machine Tool industry and possibly go to college. He would like to thank his parents for allowing him to continue to play soccer and supporting him at all his games. He would also like to thank his grandparents through the good and bad. His favorite memory happened this season when the team beat John Hardin because it was the most hyped up he had ever seen the team.

 Shane Seitz, son of Amy and James Ward. Shane plans to keep playing soccer after high school at the college level, or adult leagues, while pursuing a career in Firefighting or the Military. He would like to thank his mother for taking him to all the practices, and to his uncle and cousin for getting him into soccer when he was four years old. Also, he’d like to thank Coach Pollock and Eddie for pushing him harder and harder each day. His favorite memory is when he scored his first varsity goal against Butler County in his sophomore year.

 Grayson Pollock, son of Lisa and Matt Pollock. Grayson plans to continue to play soccer in college and get into a physical therapy program. He’d like to thank Coach Craycoft, Compton, and McGaughey for being a part of his soccer career while at Meade County. He’d also like to thank his grandparents and sisters for showing up to all his games, showing him support, but mostly to his parents for everything they’ve done for him since he’s been playing soccer. His favorite memory while playing for Meade County was when they beat Grayson County during his freshmen year at Districts.

 Carter McCoy, son of Adrianne Gatrost and Timothy McCoy. Carter plans on receiving his certificate to become a radiology tech, then continue to get his degree in radiology. He’d like to thank his mother for coming to every game, home and away. His father and grandparents for supporting him any way they could. Also, to his coaches and teammates for pushing him to where he is now. His favorite memory is seeing their team grow, and the underclassmen stepping up to help them have a winning season.

 Ethan Medley, son of Beth and Andy Medley. Ethan plans to continue his education in HVAC. He would like to thank his parents for always being there and supporting him in the sports that he has played. His favorite memory while playing for Meade Soccer is when they beat John Hardin, that was the most hyped he had ever been during a regular season game.

 Brycen Schmidt, son of Christina and Steven Schmidt. Brycen plans to attend college after graduation where he plans to study nursing. He would like to thank his mother for coming to every game she could, and his dad for supporting him, no matter how crazy the schedule got. Also, to Coach Pollock, Craycroft and Eddie for being hard on him to make him the best player, and leader, he could be. His favorite memory while playing as a Greenwave was scoring a penalty shot against Grayson County his freshmen year.

 Brayden Brewer, son of Jenny and Branden Brewer. Brayden plans to attend college next fall where he will pursue a degree in the medical field. He would like to thank God for the blessing he has given him, and his parents, for without their support he wouldn’t be where he is today. His fondest memory as a Greenwave soccer player was scoring his first varsity goal this season.