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Greenwaves end losing streak


Sports Reporter

The Meade County High School Basketball team played their last home game of 2021 on March 9, against the Campbellsville Eagles. During the first half of the game, both teams played physical and tough defense which made it hard for either team to score. Meade came out playing 3-2 defense with Grant Beavin and Cannon Decker chasing Campbellsville’s big shooters. That defense worked as they shut Campbellsville down in the first, but at the same time Meade’s offense was also finding it hard to get the ball up the court, or to move the ball for accurate shots making it difficult to put points on the board. Campbellsville put together a quick run towards the end of the first to grab an eight-point lead over Meade.

“In the first half our plan was to come out and guard their two best shooters, and back off everybody else,” Coach Tripure said of the game plan. “We did a good job doing that, but towards the end of the first their other players were able to put some little jumpers in. Our defense was working, but you just have to hope that their other players don’t start heating up under the boards, which in this case, they did.”

Meade began to show some grit as the second period wore down, closing the gap on Campbellsville by outscoring them by six points and close to within two points before time ran out in the half. Meade went into the locker room building momentum and feeling like things were finally turning around for them.

After the half, Meade came out like a new rejuvenated team that was ready to put the last nine games behind them and work together as one team to start fresh. Meade started the third forcing turnovers that allowed them to quickly tie the game. Meade then pieced together a 10-point run to spread their lead to 11 before Campbellsville was forced to call a timeout. Meade’s switch to a man-to-man defense seemed to be doing its job, as they were able to force Campbellsville to commit passing errors that would result in turnovers. Once Meade grabbed the lead early in the third, they never looked back, closing out the third leading Campbellsville by four-points.

“During the half I walked into the locker room and just looked at them and challenged them,” Tripure said. “I told them we go back out there and just run up and down the court, or we can go back out there and play ball like I know they are capable of. I’m glad they took the latter suggestion and played some tough, hard ball.”

Meade continued in their man-to-man defense for the remainder of the game, making it hard for Campbellsville to drive the lane, or get quality shots off. Playing that type of defense is hard, and tiring, which began to show in the later part of the fourth. Both teams looked fatigued midway through the fourth, but it would be Meade that found their second wind. Meade got the upper hand to stretch their lead out to 11 giving them the room they needed to slow the game down and coast to the end. Meade would go on to end their nine-game losing streak, giving them a boost of confidence, prior to making a run at both the District 11 and Region 3 Championships.