Greenwaves get stung by Hornets

Rich Fairman:

Messenger Staff


 On Jan. 10, the Meade County Greenwave Basketball team hosted the second game of the evening against the Hancock Hornets. Meade’s defense would come out into the zone defense that was working effectively at keeping Hancock from hitting the outside shot. Both teams’ defenses played hard making it difficult for either to get a lead over the other, but Meade’s offensive ball movement around the top of the key worked effectively in the first half. In the second period Meade’s defense stepped it up and continued to keep Hancock’s offense grounded forcing turnovers which sparked Meade to go on a six-point run to jump out in front of Hancock by nine-points. Hancock’s offense would make a valiant effort to try and close the gap on Meade, but trying to beat Meade’s defense would prove to be more difficult than they thought. They were unable to get their shots to drop, and would have to go into halftime down by five.

 The Hancock Coach must have figured something at halftime to shut Meade’s offense down. Hancock’s defense would use the first three minutes of the third period to press Meade, keeping them from scoring a single point, while their offense forced turnovers to go on a run that would give them the lead. Meade was only able to score two-points in the whole period, while Hancock took the lead midway through the period, and continued to build that lead till the end of the third.

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