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Greenwaves make opening statement


Sports Reporter

With the fall sports all wrapped up, many wondered how the district, or schools, were going to handle winter sports programs since they are conducted indoors, rather than, outdoors. For MCHS the top priority has been to keep everyone safe, but at the same time make sure that student athletes are able to perform at their absolute best while allowing family members to watch. Following KHSAA rules, MCHS Staff decided that by allowing each player two tickets, both for home and away teams, that the gym would allow enough seating for everyone to be socially distanced, while at the same time broadcasting the games via YouTube for everyone that could not attend in person to be able to support their Greenwave and Ladywave Teams. On Jan 12, the school was able to see how their plan would work, and adjust if need be, when they opened the doors to the Meade County High School Greenwave’s home opener against the Daviess County High School Panthers.

Meade has been waiting for this day to come. They have been wanting to get on the floor to prove that there are much better than what they have been ranked, which is 13th in the region., This ranking has not settled well with some of the players.

“I guess you could say we’re playing with a little chip on our shoulder this season. They have us ranked 13th and we know that we are much better than that, so I guess we are just going to have to show them on the floor,” senior Dillon Able said of the ranking. “This group has been playing together for a long time and we just seem to know where the other is, so it’s easier to get the ball to them. Hopefully, we can keep it going all season and come out on top when it’s over.”

Meade started the season with a bang, and with an extremely fast paced offense. In the first four minutes of the game Meade was all over Daviess and jumped out to a 13-2 lead. This aggressive play and fast pace forced the Daviess Coach to burn three timeouts to try and slow the game down. It did not work as the coach had hoped. Meade continued to build on their lead in the first and stretched it out to a 25-point lead over Daviess as they headed into the locker room at the half.

“Last year we had zero experience coming into varsity, all three seniors were JV guys, so one of the biggest things we have this year from last is that most of these guys have major minutes in varsity games, and that makes a huge difference,” Head Coach Jason Tripure said of this team compared to last year’s team. “Another thing we are doing well is our defense. They make things difficult at half court for other teams. Like tonight, they didn’t get anything easy until the end there, and that’s probably due to the guys getting a little tired at the end.”

Meade came right out in the second half and did not miss a beat. They took the court with the same aggressive tactics that they did in the first. Meade continued to build on their lead giving them even more cushion and with just 1:19 remaining in the third period, and the refs signaled for the running clock. This in turn allowed Coach Tipure to give his starters a rest, and let the younger players get in some valuable playing time. Meade cruised the final period to bring home the win in their season opener.

“We have all been playing together since we were little, and we have great chemistry when we’re out there on the floor,” senior Casey Turner said of the teams performance after the game. “We really don’t care who is doing the scoring as long as we get the job done, and the team gets the win. I think we’re playing a lot like we do in practice. We shoot a lot from the three-point line and I guess its just transitioning into game time, which is good that we’re making them, but if we see someone getting open, that who we try to get the ball to.”