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Greenwaves start slow but finish strong


Sports Reporter

The Meade County Greenwave Basketball team’s season is off to the best start in some time, but the team had a slow start in their game against Trinity Whiteville on Jan 19. Trinity started the game playing extremely aggressive, which caught Meade off guard, causing them to make errors in their passing game and ball control, which resulted in unwarranted turnovers. Even though Meade’s tough in your face man to man defense kept Trinity grounded, they were still able to jump out to a six-point lead over Meade, forcing Coach Tripure to call a timeout. It was after the timeout that Meade began to regroup and get their feet under them. Meade quickly figured a way to slice through Trinity’s defense to work the ball around floor for the open shot. Midway through the first, Meade came roaring back with their offense which allowed them to get to within two of Trinity before the end of the first period.

Meade was able to carry their momentum from the first into the second by finding senior Casey Turner open on the outside, who promptly knocked down back-to-back three-pointers to leap Meade out in front of Trinity by four-points. After Meade took the lead, they never looked back. Meade would stay out in front of Trinity, fending off any runs to secure a two-point lead at the half.

“I just think we started slow because we weren’t ready. We didn’t have any music playing during warmups, and everybody was just giggling and stuff before the game, we just weren’t ready,” senior Cannon Decker said of the teams slow start. “We, as seniors, need to get the team better prepared in the future. I believe that our defense is the most important part of our game, like tonight we weren’t scoring particularly good, but our defense kept us in the game, and we were able to come back.”

Meade came out of the half with a renewed vision of how they wanted to finish the game after their slow start. From the very start of the third period Meade fought hard under the basket for every rebound, moved the ball quickly out to the open players, keeping their offense alive, and took the shots that mattered. By the end of the third Meade was finding their offensive rhythm and had spread their lead to 11. Each time Trinity tried to make a run to close the gap, Meade’s defense would shut them down quickly with their aggressive rebounding. Midway through the fourth, Tripure began sitting his starters, to give some valuable playing time to other players, who would finish out the game to bring home the team’s third win on the season.

“We started really slow, I think they thought they were just going to come out and do their thing, but that’s not how it works. We need to come out prepared and ready to play no matter who you’re playing, and we didn’t, but I’m proud of the way they stayed in to and came back,” Head Coach Jason Tripure said of the team’s game play. “Our defense wasn’t as good as it’s been, but this was one of those games that you just have to grind out, and that’s what they did. It’s a win and we’ll take it.”